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I'm a medical transcriptionist. In other words, I type all the reports that go into your medical records.
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I'm an English Teacher
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After working 20 year for the countries largest captive auto finance company I got downsized. Last year I started my own landscaping company. I have both residential and commercial clients. I don't do turf or hardscaping. My goals are to provide organic plant care and to teach customers the correct way to maintain their landscapes. I also grow produce (organically though not certified organic) for a few customers. This year I would like to provide container plantings for customers to rent for parties, weddings, etc...
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I am retired.
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I am a tertiary student and a postal worker.
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I sell antiques on E-bay. It's nice. I get to stay home and go at my own pace. My husband provides for us. I just make a little extra money when we need it.
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Let's see.... What do I do for a living that I get paid for? or that I do for free?
I get paid to be an electrical engineer, but I don't get paid to be a soccer board member, furball foster mom, "skin" mom, shelter committe member.
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I work at a local factory that produces pet shampoos, sprays, lotions, milk replacer, etc...

My job is to print the bottles that the product goes in and to supervise employees. Though I don't know why. They took my only employee so now I'm a supervisor of no one.
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I'm an MR/CT technologist. I've been doing this for over 20 years. I love technology and it has changed so much in these years, it just keeps getting better. I like working with people. The difficult patients are a challenge and can be as interesting to figure out as much as the technical side of the work. Co-workers can be just as challenging and fun.
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This is a great thread. I love how everyone does such diverse things.

Originally Posted by SophieC View Post
I am an electrical & instrumentation designer/drafter for the largest privately owned engineering firm in Louisiana. While the firm has an architecture department and a land surverying department, the largest department is engineering. We do oil & gas work.....production platforms offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as well as plants and refineries onshore. Basically, I do a lot of drawing of panels and wiring diagrams in AutoCAD.
Well at least to the AutoCAD thing.

I work in the design/engineering department for a small furniture manufacturer. My main job is to produce drawings (yay AutoCAD!) of every single component for a new piece of furniture so it can go through the plant and get produced. The bad side to that is I often have people come in and yell at me if my drawings are 0.5mm or 1mm out.... I also maintain a database of every material used for each unit so our Purchaser can supply enough material.

I am also "random job girl" which means I do everything from supervising photo shoots (fun!) to organizing and propping our showroom (also fun) to data entry, cleaning and filing (not so fun). The great thing about my job is the variety and experience it gives me, especially as this is my first job since graduating from University. I don't like that my job is very technical and involves a lot of machine knowledge (which I don't have and don't enjoy learning) and I don't like that at this point I feel I've advanced as far as I can in mycurrent position.
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I just took on a job this year as a Technology Resource Teacher. I work in an elementary school basically teaching teachers and students how to use technology appropriately in their lessons. (more so the teachers though!!! ) The classes PreK - 5 all come to computer lab once per week. I love my job. I get to do so many different things: design computer activities, lead trainings, teacher kids, work with the school administration. Its great.

I come from a background of classroom teaching Kindergarten and first grade. I do miss having kiddos to call 'my own' but the trade off has been great because I am no longer stressing over grading papers, designing lessons, testing students etc.
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I'm a jack-of-all-things-computer Manager.
I do the support and managing of everything IT for a small company. The company is kind of neat as they work mainly with the delivery of lasers. However its family owned and well, I'm one of 4 people that didn't know someone there in order to get hired.

I'm also working full time on my Masters degree.

I'm waiting to finish up my degree and then see what happens
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I am a critical care nurse working in a local hospital in the ICU..I have been doing ICU nursing for over 24 years now, and I still love every minute of my work days..It really give me a rush, and is always challenging...
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I'm in Culinary school, I used to work at petsmart about 12 yrs ago. Now I also am a Domestic Engineer to 4 children, well 5 including my husband. He is in the navy E-7 FTCheif.
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I own a talent agency in NYC. We represent actors in theater, film and tv.
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Right now, I'm dealing cards at a casino. I adore my job!

With any luck, within a couple of years I'll have my real estate license and will be doing that instead.
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Currently unemployed....my factory job got *outsourced*. I have been a full-time college student, courtesy of the government for the past two years and have until June of 08 until I graduate. I hope to pass the board exams upon graduation and become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. We start our clinicals at the end of the month......I can't wait.

Winter Hawk
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I work at a chinese fast food take out on Kent State campus in the food court. Yippie!! But it pays decently well for such a dumb job. I switch off in a few of the dining servies locations on campus. I have been at the coffee shop, the chicken place, quiznos, the pizza shop, etc.

I also work at a restaurant called San Francisco Oven which has great brick oven pizzas, AND I work for Mugzee's Wings handing out fliers.

Hopefully soon I will be back working in an animal shelter where I belong!

I am also a veterinary assistant student.
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I run the gymnastics program for a YMCA. I'll never get paid well, but I love my job!
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I work at a chinese fast food take out on Kent State campus in the food court. Yippie!! .
wow, when did they put that in there, i would have kileld to have a chinese place on campus when i was there
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I've been with the USPS for almost seven years now. For the most part I love my job but it does have it's moments where I would rather be someplace else- like home.
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I'm a special education teacher, and I work in a special school setting for students with moderate/severe/profoundly disabled kids, that are better served in a segregated setting, rather than their neighborhood schools. My class this year consists of mainly profoundly autistic children ages 9-11. They're tough, but they're also wonderful.
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I am a Business Development Assistant for a construction company. Not too bad most of the time, gives me access to teh net, although they have banned TCS!! I also forgot what I do in my spare time - cat fostering, bit of fundraising, dealing with some of the enquiries.
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I'm an RN in the Operating Room. I work as a Surgical First Assistant, assisting the surgeon during the surgery. I started out as a Surgical Technologist 25 years ago. I love working in the O.R. I can't imagine doing anything else. I also volunteer at the local theater on the costume committee and I volunteer occasionally on my day off at my vet's clinic, doing veterinary surgery with her. In my spare time (uh...what spare time?) I like to read and quilt and work in my garden.

Pookie & the girls
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I work for an insurance company. My job is mostly dealing with very upset customers and filing insurance verification with 8 states.

Oh... it is as dull as it sounds.
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I am a stay at home cat mom
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I work on the staff of a medical association for pathologists. I'm in the governance area...which means I help the doctor members that are the leaders who run the organization. My primary responsibilities are developing training programs for our leaders and committee staff and managing the logistics and social functions for our board of governors, but there tend to be lots of other stuff I get involved in, too. I usually love my job...it's great to feel like I'm contributing to something that can help people and I love that I'm doing something different every day. Sometimes, though, the egos can get to me.
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hmm, I thought I had posted to this already but now can't find my post, so forgive me if this is a duplicate.

I babysit 3 lawyers.

well, technically, I'm the Office Manager/Receptionist/Secretary/Paralegel for a small law firm.

But like I said... LOL
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
wow, when did they put that in there, i would have kileld to have a chinese place on campus when i was there
When I started going to Kent in 1999/2000, there was a Chinese food place there. So at least since then.
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