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What Do Y'all Think Of This?

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This is from a young writer...I came across this and I'd like to know what y'all think. No wisecracks about the gnomes now....

a little diddy for spring

i dont think i can continue on rain anymore, or lightening ,bc i lost that flow at the moment. i was thinking more of the after affect now. after the rain, the clear green smell of a washed world. i love that, it may be better than the woods-at-night-with fire-and -cold smell.

there was a small Tree Gnome of no consequence, out on a morning such as above. he was gathering petals that had been ripped from the flowers during the Night's storm. He was humming a lil tune as he went on his way, hunting down petal after colorful petal. What did he need them for? What didnt he need them for. Clothing, blankets, wraps, etc. He smiled up thru his wrinkley face as the Sun's beams warmed him. Already he could feel the Energy given to him, and he took without measure, or fear. He danced without fear of mishap. He gathered petals without ever once wondering " will I run out, will the world run out of petals because of me?" For this was the Green Age, before such darkness that we live in now, where we must count each little ration, and measure, and be careful to not harm or deplete the Source.

Under the deepness of the Earth, the Soil Gnome felt Spring before he awakened. He felt the Earth, warmer than ever from the rays of the Sun. He heard the roots of the Great Trees, begining to rustle in the Earth, pushing forth Life from their long sleep of Winter. He could smell the moisture from the Heavy Rains of the past evening , seeping down to his home. Stretching awake, he began to ready himself for his daily tasks. For his was an important task. He had to quicken the Earth, keep it rich and fertile so that it would continue to give of itself. He skipped quickly down the dark tunnels of his home, till he reached the very last chamber, far down as he was allowed to dig, to the very Essence of it all. There was his Reed, he flute, his pipes upon which he played out the rythm of the Earth, and awakened and quickened each day, the Soul of the Earth. Which he thusly did, with much Joy.

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I really like that!
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I like it, too! Pretty cool!
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