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russian blue kittens

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any one know of any breeders in or near Wisconsin? i've been looking around for the past 2 weeks and cant find any.

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Have you tried this one?

Here's a list of breeders I found which might help...

Good luck
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Thank You soo much! I obviously wasn't looking hard enough. thanks again, i appreciate it!
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We have a darling Russian Blue. We found our breeder by going to a cat show, talking with different breeders, and getting recommendations. We then visited the breeder who was recommended at her house, saw her cattery before we put down a deposit. I highly recommend meeting the breeder first, finding out how the kitties are raised (underfoot or in cages) etc. It is so important that the kitties are properly socialized to other cats, people, children etc -- particularly Russians who are already on the timid side. Exclusively cage raised kittens are to be avoided.

Have fun finding your new fur baby :tounge2:
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No problem at all and good luck with your search
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Siamese Rescue usually has russian blues. They also do out-of-state adoptions. Look here:


Good luck finding your new baby!
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thanks again everyone for your help. I am extremely happy to say that i have found my new baby! I found a breeder in Iowa and it is only about a 4 hour drive for me! i will be bringing my new kitten home on Nov. 10, i cant wait!

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