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Foundation - Good Quality Dry?

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Righto, well I was at the pet food store where I've been getting my Felidae (and all the hastle for my wet Felidae too ) and I was browsing the dry food section and came across another brand of dry food that I coudln't remember mentioned on here (or I missed it completely ) and it looks like it's quite similar to Felidae ingrediant-wise (plus I can get it in a bigger bag). Its called Foundation, and is made in BC, Canada, which is nice because I like supporting Canadian companies. They're website is, and the relevant page is

I find its got a stronger smell (while not overbearing), and even the old persian that only eats dry every once in a blue moon came over to investigate it, and tried a couple kibbles (which is all I offered of course, I've still got to transition them over from Felidae if its acceptible).

So thoughts? Oh, and the reason I feed Felidae/possibly Foundation instead of other foods like Cal Nat, Eagle Pack, and Evo (and all others) is because of money issues. I haven't got a fortune to spend on cat food (I actually spend more than I should already lol) and I feed approx 50/50 wet/dry and Felidae is the cheapest premium cat food I can find around my city so this Foundation is also in my price range
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Not bad I prefer foods without alot of fruits and veggies but if it is cheaper than cal natural it looks good ....
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Would the fruits and veggies be hard on stomachs since its not supposed to be part of the diet? Tazz and Socks both seem to have really sensitive stomachs (they had very frequent vomiting issues a while back, and they seem to go through cycles of sudden vomiting every couple months) and I'd hate for it to upset their little tummies.
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It could ... basically I find them to cause more potty in the box ( ie not as digestable ... Felidea is very good and here very $$$
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I don't know what I'd do without you Sharky! I'm so glad I found TCS, you're amazingly knowledgable and so bvery helpful

I guess I'll stick with Felidae Chn and Rice for both wet and dry. What do you tihnk about keeping the Foundation and using it as a treat? I clicker train 4 of my 5 cats, and I'd be feeding each of them approx 25-30 pieces 4-6 times a week. Would that be too much to not expect a negative reaction poop/puke wise? The bits are about 1/2 the size of my pinky finger, the perfect size for c. training.

So what would be a good food for sensitive tummies? Which meat is best? Chicken?
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Chicken is usually where I start for sensitive tummys as it is the easiest and most digestable ... as a treat that food would be a great treat
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If you are looking to support Canadian companies, we have used both Holistic Blend and Orijen successfully with ours. The orijen is an EVO like food although not as expensive, it still isn't cheap, but comparable to Felidae. Holistic blend is much cheaper and we use it for feeding the ferals at work and there is a discount code on the website I gave you
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This looks very good ... wish it was sweet and not white potato

too bad this orijen is not in my area //// it looks good and the % are more UTi friendly than other low carbs
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It is a great food and the cats love it, and they switch without problem between it and Evo which solves my random Evo availability problem... and I like giving the business to a Canadian company when I can
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Thank you so much Icklemiss21! It seems there are a lot of stores in my area that carry the Holistic Blend (although I've never heard of the stores ), and I've been looking around on the orijen website, but I can't seem to find a price (and the only store in my province is 1 1/2 - 2 hrs away ) Thank you so much for the information!
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My bag of Orijen doesn't have a price on it, but I think it is about $20 for the 5.5lb bag (it lasts a little longer than a regular 5.5lb bag however as you feed a little less)

Ryans/Global Foods carry both if there is one in your area, and often your local independant per store will be willing to order foods in for you
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I do have a Global Foods, but I can't say that I've noticed either brand there before. I'll have to do another search, and ask the staff. I went to the only independant pet food store that I know of in my area when I was looking for a good deal on a superior food and he wasn't able to order in anything special (or at least he wouldn't do it for me)
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We have 2 Globals here, one sells ultra premium foods and actively promotes pre-made raw and low carb foods they strock Evo, Serengetti, Orijen, NV Raw Instinct and another Evo like food, the other one, the holistic blend is about as high quality as they get (but they have the cutest store kitties), so I think it really depends on the owners/managers of the store and what they order in
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It must vary greatly, but I've already talked to the manager about ordering me a case of Felidae a month for my kits, so I'll chat him up again and see if he'd be willing to order me in some of the Orijen as well. If not, I'll go with the Holistic Blend you mentioned. Thanks again!
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Sharky - what UTI friendly foods do you know of that are out there?
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Originally Posted by fluffysimba View Post
Sharky - what UTI friendly foods do you know of that are out there?
two dry s are certified ... wet is a much larger feild...

Nutro max adult in the chn flavor and the max light are certified for uti health meaning actually studys were done and they are just going by % s...

Purina has One in one and one in Pro Plan .. I know the One say s urinary formula on the front
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