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Does this look familar to any of you?

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Well does it??
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LOL - funny........

Except in our house - Cooper is wrapped around my head!
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Lol, I wish I was that lucky.

Whenever we let the cats into the bedroom they end up climbing all over us, grooming us and purring so loud that you can't get to sleep.

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Happens all the time at my house!! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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We usually end up sleeping on the floor....... With eight cats on our bed, it leaves little else available!
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:laughing: very familiar!
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almost scary how it looks like our bed at night! LOL!
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YEah... "don't move!! - You'll squash the cats!!" BTW - love the way that cat is laying on its back.... THATS very familiar!!
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Here , our cats sleep in another room ! but when I take a rest on the coach during the day , Maya is there within seconds and goes to nap on my feet , and Inka cuddles up near my neck . So soft and sweet ... !
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So true it's scary!

The only difference is I'm in the middle with a cat either side of my legs and poor Hubbs is hanging on the the edge of the mattress by his fingernails (HeHeHe).

And I loose count of how many times I mumble in my sleep, 'Don't roll over you'll squash the cats' to him. He must dream me saying it by now!!
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When Brian and I adopted Xavier when he was 3 months old(awww) he used to sleep in bed with us, under the covers right in the middle. He did that a few times until Brian rolled over him, after that he sleeps in the living room.

Mitzi and Fallon sleep with us though at our heads. It's kind of annoying because all you'll hear is puurrrr puurrr or if they look at each other you'll hear them hissing and growling.
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Well, it's kind of like that at my house, but only one my half of the bed. The kitties have decided that they only want to sleep with ME, not hubby. I think he tosses and turns too much, and takes no notice of them when he does. I, on the other hand, wake up almost every time I change sleeping positions and work around the cats. Naw, they aren't spoiled or anything. But it sure does keep me warm at night!
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Yep that does look kinda familiar.
At the moment we just have Orion so it's not too bad...except for when he sleeps on my head...my own purring machine in the ear...lol
Soon we will have a new kitten so that should prove interesting.
Maybe we should go out and buy a bigger bed now in preparation!
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Got no hubby (I don't think one would fit in anyway ), but otherwise... Got two dogs cuddled up to me, near my legs or side, and two cats cuddled up to me somewhere around my head/arms, or the older cat between my legs under the covers. In winter it's nice, they keep me warm, but during summer it can get way too hot to sleep. But I don't have the heart to move any of them...
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Jessica, I didn't give permission for you to publish that! Of course it's a few years old. The very familiar part of it is the fact that regardless of whether they're in the middle or on your feet, you can't pull the covers up without awakening their royal kittinesses!

This actually looks exactly like my husband and me with our first show collie on the bed. We literally did have to hold on to stay in bed. She weighed 65 pounds and loved to stretch out. That's all right though, because she was also a surrogate nursing mother to two of our rescued kittens. It was worth it, and still is.
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