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Burnt my hand

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I just burnt a small section of the palm of my left hand on the slow cooker. I'm having family over tonight for dinner and was cleaning up crumbs around the slow cooker.
I know it's not serious, but it KILLLLLLS. You can't even see any damage as your skin there is tough. However, it really hurts. I have to keep running it under cold water for relief. Right now I have my left hand resting on an ice pack. I'm lifting it off for 20 sec. intervals to type.

Anyone have another suggestion to relieve the burning pain. I have to go get dressed and continue prepping food, so the ice pack won't work for that.
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Urgh i hate burns like that I used to just hold mine under a cold running tap for as long as i could.
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I just use cold water and ice, just as you are doing..sorry to hear about your hand..
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Ooooh! I know how much that hurts! I do it all the time. Try putting a little antibiotic ointment on it. If that doesn't help you can take a couple Tylenol until it's had a chance to subside.
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It's marginally better. I'm not slave to the ice pack. Just a hit of ice every 10 minutes now.
Thanks for the advice
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Ouch!! I always burn myself when I'm cooking, it never fails!
I hope your hand feels better soon
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Aw hon, if you can get it, I highly recommend Solarcaine. It's a fast food workers, grease burn pain gone instantly, relief.
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Awww... Here is TCS's virtual nurse --> She will kiss it and make it all better.
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Ouchie!! I burned my arm the other day on the iron!! I am not exactly sure how it happened but it hurt! I used to work in a kitchen at a camp and also at a ski lodge. I was always burning my arms trying to rush to get things done! I know they have some ointment you can get for burns. I can't remember what it is called at the moment!
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I feel your pain! I once had to keep my hand submerged in a bowl of icewater for two whole days (and nights) before the pain became tolerable. I'm glad yours is improving...
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ouch. not much i can say beyond what the other already did.

Hope you enjoy your dinner with your family.
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You don't have an aloe vera plant do you? I use that for kitchen burns and it does wonders! I NEED to have one because I am very accident prone in the kitchen.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
You don't have an aloe vera plant do you? I use that for kitchen burns and it does wonders! I NEED to have one because I am very accident prone in the kitchen.
My dad gave me an aloe plant...I got it in an 4 litre ice cream absolutely LOVES it....its growing like crazy.
Also, to keep on hand is some vitamin E cream. That will help heal a burn.

Aloe and vitamin E cream
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Ouch! When I was in jr high I burnt the tips of both my thumbs and both my index fingers in shop class...the week before a flute solo! (Which I never did because of it.) I still don't have all the feeling in one index finger. I sat in the nurses' office for most of the afternoon before trying to go to class, which was awful. I didn't quite make it. I had a friend walk me home and I carried a bowl of water around and slept with ice packs for a few days.
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Ouch! Burns are so painful. I put my forearm over a boiling kettle some years ago and I literally had to have it in cold water for several hours. I didn't put any cream or aloe on it until after the cold water had drawn out all the heat. I'm not a nurse but I think it's important to get the heat out as much as possible before covering it with anything that doesn't let it breathe. Aloe is wonderful for preventing scars as well. I hope it feels better soon.
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Thanks everyone for all the advice, virtual nurses and band-aids!
My hand is feeling much better now. Sensitive if I touch it, but that's it. Amazing that there is no mark. I guess that's because palms are pretty thick skin.
It hurt like crazy earlier, though.
I'll have to get some Solircane spray for next time. I forgot about that stuff. As a kid we always had it in the bathroom cabinet.
Dinner went well. I made yet another pot roast in the slow cooker.
My parents helped me hang a big heavy mirror in my front wall that I couldn't do alone (my BF is away with work). I Love it.

I used to have an aloe vera plant. Unfortunatley, I had it in the spare room and forgot to water it for eons and it died. Are they dangerous for cats? Nermal eats anything green.
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