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Oh Yola!! and Flimflam!!! Did you HAVE to mention Mintrels!??!?!?! they are the best chocolates ever....
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all these sweets make me green with envy ...............;
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Having eaten copious amounts of chocolate last night (late night forray to the shops), I feel green to. . . But not with envy!
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... the rest of the Smarties song (not Grammy material, though) is:

Eat that candy coated chocolate, then tell me when I ask
When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last?

Then they sang the whole thing again, but way faster.

And I do eat the red ones last... M&M's, too!
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I hope I'm not offending anyone, but Hershey's kisses are the most horrible and disgusting thing I've ever eaten. We got them from our friend from US and when I attempted to eat one, I got tears in my eyes and I almost puked. It was so horrible.

Mars Bar
Milky Way

are the bars I recall seeing in Finland too, and of course here in Belgium.
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we do see quite a lot of American sweets here. No Hershey that´s for sure and I don´t think it´s something I miss. But you find Mars, Snickers Kitkat,bountyetc I actually found Jellybeans at the airport in Crete on Wednesday.If you want more specific information don´t hesitate to contact me .
Best wishes Elisabeth Prtovos-Killing nearLuebeck northern Germany
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Kitty and Casper I had to laugh when you said: "I got tears in my eyes and I almost puked" (from the Hershey kisses).

:laughing: :laughing:

I think you've been eating too much Salmiakki! Now THAT brought tears to my eyes and I almost puked!


JulieBthanks for finishing the song....it has been awhile since I last heard it!
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I do try to avoid Nestle products, as they also make baby milk formula, which they push very very heavily in the developing world. But I think that is another thread.....
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You're right flimflam, and as I recall they've encountered a LOT of problems because people add too much water to lower the cost of using it, resulting in problems with malnutrition. It's very sad.

Kassandra, I had to laugh! "U.S." chocolate IS very different than other chocolate, and that's why I asked! I guess I'm just a choc-o-holic, as there's little in the way of chocolate that I don't like - so far. I guess for me it's all about the mood I'm in.

I love dark chocolate too. I think many people who like dark chocolate probably don't like Hershey's. And Vikki, I agree that Hershey's does a terrible job with the Rolos. !!

I love the "European-style" Godiva chocolate - but only in small amounts as it is SOO rich. The Dove Bar chocolate I was asking about is much richer than traditional domestic chocolate (I looked at a wrapper the other day and found out it is manufactured by M&M/Mars Candy).

I've never heard of Minstrels or Galaxy or Yorkies. And here in the States, it is M&Ms that are sold as "the chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hands." M&Ms now make a "crunchy" M&M that is the outer candy shell, an inner shell of chocolate, and then a crunchy center kind of like a malted milk ball but not malted. They're O.K.

...although when it boils right down to it, I guess I'd have to say may favorite chocolate fix is - Oreo Cookies!

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Oh, you are making me hungry! I prefer European chocolate to Hershey's. I really don't buy just plain Hershey bars very often. But I love Krackle, kind of like Nestle Crunch. Ghiradelli is good chocolate, too, but I don't see their candy bars often, just chips and other chocolate items for baking.
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my favorite chocolate is actually Sixlets! They're little chocolate candy-coated balls, kinda like M&M's but spherical, not flattened. They come in a tube, not a bag.
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Wow, this thread is really making me crave chocolate...which is a bad thing since I need to lose 20 lbs! :laughing:
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Hey, Debby, I've still got dark chocolate KitKats in the freezer!
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These, my friends, are Minstrels..... you may drool now...
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