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Non-U.S. Citizens - I need your help!

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This is totally not Cat stuff - but I have a question for non-U.S. Citizens. It's about "American" candy.

There are two major brands of chocolate candy distributed here - Hershey's and Nestle. I assume you see lots of nestle products there - but do you have Hershey's? Hershey bars, kisses, etc.

And do you have M&M/Mars candy there? Or do you have Smartees (the same as M&Ms)?

Gary and I are taking a quick look into this for work, and I thought this might be a helpful place because so many of us aren't from the U.S.

Candy bars we see a lot here are:

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
Hershey's Chocolate Bar (w/or wi/out Almonds)
1000 Grand
Baby Ruth
Mars Bar
Almond Joy
3 Musketeers
Milky Way
Baby Ruth

...and what about fruit candy? Do you see things like:

Necco wafers

- are any of these part of the regular candy rack?

Thanks for your help!

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Kitkats, Mars Snickers, Milkyway and twix are all common in the uk, not seen any of the others over here except the Reece's Peanut cups, and we do have M&M's and smarties. As far as I am aware nestle is one of the few brands of chocolate that you can find in almost every country (certainly Europe ones anyway) which is great news for travellers whe they get a choclate urge

As for the fruit sweets the only ones I regonise are starburst, or better known as opal fruits until they changed the name and skittles

I have tried some american sweets when my ex housmate ordered some over the internet. Very different chocolate fom what I am used to, although I could have got addicted to the american oreos and muddy bears (gummi bear coated in chocolate)

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In Australia, we have Mars Bars, KitKats, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Smarties & M&Ms - all common chocolate bars found everywhere. We do have Hersheys bars, but they aren't as common as the others. We also have Skittles and Starburst.

I'm not sure what the taste comparison is like - I have tried chocolate in the UK and it is quite different to Australian chocolate - even the same brands.

Mmmm - now I want a Snickers - really badly. I'm going to crave it for the rest of the day...unless I go and get one now

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Just thought I'd add, that the other main Chocolate in the UK (other than Nestle) is Cadburys.. Mmmmmmm
I tried a Hershey bar when I was on holiday a year or so ago, it was very different to the choccy we have over here.
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Yeah, Cadbury's is probably our biggest chocolate brand over here - but the UK Cadbury's is different to the Australian Cadbury's. And the Hershey's I've had is different to both!

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Here in Belgium we have several chocolate brands made her or in Switserland ! Like CÔte D'or , Jacques , Lady Godiva , and many more ! Yammie stuff :tounge2: :tounge2:

About American products : we have Kit Kat , M & M's , Mars , Snickers , MilkyWay , Twix , Skittles .

I remember Cadbury's from England Super-yammie:tounge2: !!
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Laurie - to anwser your questions, I've put yes/no against each brand. Bear in mid this is UK only, I can't speak for the rest of non-US.

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups NO
KitKat YES
Hershey's Chocolate Bar (w/or wi/out Almonds) NO

1000 Grand NO
Baby Ruth NO
Mars Bar YES
Almond Joy NO
Mounds NO
Snickers YES - used to be called Marathon
3 Musketeers NO
Milky Way YES
Twix YES
Baby Ruth NO
Butterfinger NO

...and what about fruit candy? Do you see things like:

Sweet-tarts NO
Skittles YES
Starburst YES
Necco wafers NO

Smarties and M&Ms are 2 separate brands here.

Our other main manufacturers are Cadbury and Rowntree Mackintosh (recently bought by Nestle I believe . . .). Don't get Hershey here at all in the main stream, but I have seen it in delicatessens.

Also we're getting quite a lot of European sweets coming over like Haribo (Danish).

Hope that helps some.
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I'm not too far away, but the only one I don't recognize on there is the Necco wafers. I think we have all the rest. And yep, we have both M&Ms and Smarties.
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Laurie, when I was living in Germany you can get most of what you listed there. No Hershey Bars, but most of the other stuff was available. Oh, and also sometimes it has a different name, but its the same bar.
For instance, Almond Joy is called something else ( cant' remember right now what ) but its clearly the same bar once you take a bite!!

I found that throughout Europe while I was there for those years.
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We pretty much have all of those. I know for a fact that Ontario has Nestle factories. We also have Cadbury (yummy Easter Creme Eggs). We also have Lindor and Ritter Sport.

One of my favs is Coffee Crisp, which I don't believe is available in the USA. We don't often see 1000 Grand, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, Mounds and Necco wafers.
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Thanks all! The answers were way more interesting than I thought. I've travelled through Europe - but only for a couple of days on my way to India. I've spent long stretches of time only in "third world" countries, so really had no idea. American chocolates were prevalent in S. America - not at all in India (European!). Interesting that same candy tastes so different.

Thanks again!

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I know that the cadburys chocolate in Australia has something added to it to make it not melt as easily as the UK version,which affects the lovely creamy taste *yum yum*

It may be the same with American chocolates. I know have to decide whether I would be better off having lots of sunny weather and not such nice melt in the mouth chocolate or stay cold 90% of the year and get a decent chocolate fix

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A friend of mine used to work at the Rowntrees factory in York. The chocolate made for warmer countries was manufactured differently - I think they removed the milk element to it - and some of it was vegan (especially the chocolate made for the Middle East). At the time I lived in a vegan household, me included, and this friend used to come and visit us with a large rucksack full of lumps of vegan chocolate. We loved him.

I've always sought out Hershey bars when I'm in SE Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc) as I love it.
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The candy market is very complicated. The main manufacturers have production facilities in various countries. And each of those manufacturers will produce sweets for their "local" /national market. And, some will also import from their counterparts in other countries. So, for example, when Rowntree McIntosh still existed in Canada, they produced (for example) coffee crisp, after eights, smarties, black magic, dairy box, and probably a few more. Most of these were only for the Canadian market. They also "imported" from York - lines like Quality Street, toffees and some others.

Now, what complicates matters is that some candy bars produced by a manufacturer in one country may be licensed to another manufacturer, and they are not really the same. I mean, the basic principal may be the same, but the bars are quite different in their production, as national tastes vary considerably. So, for example the Mars bar in the UK is quite different than the Mars bar in the US.

And, by the way, Smarties and M&M's are NOT the same

It is a fact that US chocolate is not at all the same as UK, Canadian or European chocolate - Hershey has a disstinctive texture and taste, which really drives the American expectation for sweets, and this is not shared by the rest of the world. (some of us have a distinct preference for NOT hershey chocolate).

Signed: Canadian who had a family member work in the candy industry.
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Just to set the record straight - they're not the same at all. M&M's are smaller, thicker, contain more bitter chocolate and come in red, green, light brown, dark brown, orange, yellow. Smarties are wide and thin, have verrry sweet chocolate that is meltier than M&M's, and comes in more pastelish colours in addition to the M&M's list, add pink, lighter green, baby blue.

In Canada, Smarties are one of the few certified peanut-free candies that are widely available in stores. There was a big broo-ha-ha a few years ago when they were going to add a peanut-containing line to the peanut-free factory. The allergic people threatened to boycott, and the factory went back to being peanut-free.

We don't get all of the Hershey things here, but many of them. A few times a year, hubby and I head down to the Hershey factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario (about an hour's drive) to stock up, and they have a lot of the US-only bars there, as well as everything at a huge discount.
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Just to add to the confusion, Smarties here in America are little sour sugar disks, come in a little roll, in pastel colors, and have no chocolate at all in them.

Here's a picture of American Smarties

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Heidi - they look like the US equivalent of Refreshers. They're kind of fizzy and sherberty - yes?
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The sounds a lot like them. There are a few knock-off brands that are more fizzy than Smarties. They just kind of dissolve in your mouth, with just enough sour with the sweet. They aren't super sour, though.
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Smarties = Fat Free
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Those are called Rockets here in Canada, and we usually only get them at Halloween...
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Smarties in Europe are just like M & M's are here. But they also have regular M & M's too....

I like the American Smarties better......Fat Free and much more waistline friendly!!:tounge2:
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Hey Heidi - I forgot about the U.S. Smarties! And just to set the record straight, I'm sure that Daniela agrees with me - the U.K. Smarties are not the "same" as the U.S. M&Ms - it's just they're the same idea - candy-covered small chocolate discs that don't melt in your hand!

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How about........
Whatchamacallit (spelling off)

Sweet candy:
jolly ranchers
tangy taffy
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I don't have any around to look on the package - what about Dove bars? I wonder who makes them...? They seem kind of like they're more in the European style of chocolate.
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Dove is available in Canada - they make great Easter treats!
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What a sweet thread

We have lots of types of chocolates and sweets (loads more than what we used to have during the 80's Gary )

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups - yes
KitKat - yes
Hershey's Chocolate Bar (w/or wi/out Almonds) - yes
1000 Grand - no
Baby Ruth - no
M&Ms - yes
Mars Bar - yes
Almond Joy - no
Mounds - no
Snickers - yes
3 Musketeers - no
Milky Way - yes
Twix - yes
Butterfinger - no

We also have lots and lots of European stuff (cote d'or, godiva etc.) used to have Cadbury's which I loved but they've stopped bringing them. And then we have a range of local chocolate - very very good too!
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Er - does it say something that we are all know so much about chocolate and sweets.

Now, continuing the theme. Do you get Minstrels outside of the UK? They are like a bigger version of chocolate Smarties (about twice the size) but have chocolate crispy coatings. They are delicious. And they are marketed as being the "milk chocolate that doesn't melt in your hand". I can't remember who makes them.
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What about Galaxy chocolate bars and Yorkie?

Yorkie's brilliant! they started of (I think) in the 70s with ads showing truckers taking huges, man-sized bits out of their chocolate bar.

They've now got biscuit and raisin flavour (Yum) and Peanut (Yuk).

The lastest ads running label them as 'not for girls'and the ads show girls dressing up as blokes to get their hands on Yorkies and having to prove they can shop for DIY tools, mend cars etc.

Great chocolate, great ad campaign!

I love Mistrels too - and Maltesers.

Oh dear. This is going to necessitate a late night visit to the Circle K, I fear . . .
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I'm partial to dark chocolate: Hershey's, Dove, KitKats and Godiva. Russell Stover, See's and Whitman's are good, too. Around Christmas, I'm able to get Queen Anne dark chocolate=covered cherries. Lately, Walgreen's has been stocking Ghirardelli's, too.

FYI: Nestle is a Swiss-based multinational, that makes a lot more than chocolate. Hershey's developed a chocolate bar, for the military during the Gulf War, that won't melt.
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Smarties originated in Canada and are similar to M&M's in the states, but only better!

There was a Smarties song in the TV commercials..."When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red one's last, do you suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast...."(don't remember the rest of the words!)

As JuliB mentioned, the U.S. Smarties are called Rockets here in Canada and they usually only become popular at Halloween to throw into the loot bags.

The best chocolate, when you want to splurge, is Godiva...oh...Godiva.... When I travelled through Europe one summer, I became addicted to white chocolate. It's interesting that white chocolate is not popular over here. I ended up spending half my European meals eating white chocolate..mmmm

(leaves in search of chocolate)

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