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Sounds like calicivirus to me. My feral brought it home to my other cats when I got him a couple of years ago. My elderly cat became very very ill. Since it's a virus, there really is nothing to be done other than comfort measures and wait for it to pass. Lots of wet food with chicken broth and TLC got us through it.

Good luck.

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Aww mackenzie. I'm so sorry, hopefully both the boys will get well soon. You don't need this after losing your sweet baby *hugs* it will be okay
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post

It's spring, the weather is changing, loads of bugs do the rounds at this time of year. Radar has had an infection this week, scared me rigid because he had quite a high fever and was really very ill, but antibiotics have put him right in no time. He had what I thought was gagging but was probably coughing with no voice - his throat was so inflamed that he'd lost his voice completely, and he slept all of Monday and only perked up a tiny bit Tuesday typically enough as I was getting ready to take him to the vet.
You JUST described whats happening to him, minus the fever.

He has a really hoarse voice when he tries to meow, and he's doing the gagging thing too.

I think I'm gonna definately call my vet tomorrow morning and explain to them whats happening and see if they can get me on any type of installments since I've spent WAY too much money there the past 6 months (like around $300+!)

I had a friend over tonight, and when she came over, he came out of the bedroom to see what was going on, and sat with us for a good 1/2 hr for some scitches and rubs- and layed on the counter like he always does, but hasn't in awhile
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Kenz, I've got a few things to add!

Harley is stressed wich can cause over-grooming, which will cause hairballs. Can you get any hairball meds anywhere(Wal Mart, vet clinic, Petco, etc)?

I agree that it sounds like he could have a URI. Cats get them easily, esp. in shelters & Bayley could've brought it home. Whehter Harley was/is healthy or not, he could succuumb to a URI easy.

I also second the idea of changing the routine. Can you get another wet food for awhile? Maybe feed Harley at a different time than you used to & in a differnet place?

to you & {{{VIBES}}} to Harley!
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I feel for you hun! I really hope your babies start feeling better.
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Possibly he caught something from Bailey. Or maybe it is depression. One way to tell if your cat's overweight is to check if you can feel their ribs without searching. Sometimes thyroid issues can make them breath funny. Thyroid is easy to treat, it's just a pill a day. But I don't recall that Harley is old, so i doubt that he has thyroid problems.
Fred is overweight, though it's not super obvious. I can't feel his ribs without searching and prodding. Nermal I can feel them quite easily. Also, I can feel some little love handles under Fred's fur when he's sleeping, etc. He's only 15lbs and doesn't over-eat, but he's still f_t (and I don't mean fit).

Harley has been through a lot of change lately, plus he's probably sensed your grief.

The vet is a good idea just in case.
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Kenz, I agree with those who suspect that Harley has caught something from Bayley...this is basically a very common scenario when a shelter kitty is introduced to a pet that is already in your home. When I brought home 8 week-old Ripley from the shelter, I noticed immediately that she was snuffly, sneezing, hacking, watery-eyed, etc. And, after her URI was treated, it was just in a matter of a day or two, when Fergus (8 months old at the time) started having the same symptoms!

Also, stress can compromise the feline immune system. With the loss of Davidson, and the newcomer, and the changing weather, etc., Harley's immunity was probably having a tough time fighting off whatever Bayley brought into the environment. That being said, you did NOT make a mistake by introducing a new cat immediately into the situation for Harley. If Bayley weren't there, there would be far less distraction for Harley in terms of the grieving process, and I can almost promise you that you'd be seeing a far more depressed and lonesome kitty. And once he's feeling up to snuff with some antibiotics (which are suprisingly inexpensive, most of the time), he'll be able to focus more on bonding with Bayley, and accepting him as a new companion.

Ripley and Fergus were put on Clavomox for their URI's, and another thing that works really well, is to give him a steam bath, which is sort of like what you do with a baby that has the crupe. Run your shower for about 5 minutes, until it gets HOT (I mean piping hot, with lots of steam!!!), and sit with Harley in your bathroom while the shower runs for about 20 minutes. The steam will moisten his throat, and help with any nasal congestion, and will also clear his chest a bit too. I steamed both of my kitties, and it helped a lot. Maybe just put Harley's laundry basket in there for him to snooze in, and sit there with him, so he's comfy. This wouldn't be bad for Bayley either.
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Sending lots of get well soon vibes Harley's way!
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Hugs to you and Bailey. Get some lab work done up on him. If he's not eating much and is *big* and now the breathing, he could have something really wrong with him. Best wishes!

Faith Hope Love Persians
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I will be sending lots of vibes Harley's way.
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I agree that stress will affect his immune systema nd make him vulnerable to any bugs going - and Bayley may have brought something in. I just ho0pe you get it sorted soon and htat he can continue to recover from all the shocks he has been through. But I am sure you did right in getting Bayley.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
I agree that stress will affect his immune systema nd make him vulnerable to any bugs going - and Bayley may have brought something in. I just ho0pe you get it sorted soon and htat he can continue to recover from all the shocks he has been through. But I am sure you did right in getting Bayley.
Pixel's first herpes flare-up was after Mouse passed and after i got Java - took 2 stressors to bring it on. i'm sure Harley will be fine after you see the vet & get him some antibiotics
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don't panic. . . .he'll feel better soon.
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im sending you all the good vibes i can as you both really need them right now.

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Kenz, I only just saw this thread. Is there any update on Harley??

I am sending all my vibes for him Kenz
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Kenz, sorry I have been away and am just seeing this...Poor sweet Harley, I just know everything will be fine with him.
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I to am "all thoughts towards the Harley foundation".......hope, with all my heart, all is well.
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More vibes for Harely coming from me. Get well soon Harely! ((((vibes))))
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Awww I am sorry to see this...I hope Harley feels better soon.
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How's Harley feeling today? I hope he's better. More hugs and feel better vibes to all from my crew.
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This sounds very much what Lucy has. She was put on antibiotics to prevent secondary infection as she is a very old cat (pneumonia being the most common and dangerous one). Watch Harley's eyes because this virus can cause eye ulcers which can be very nasty and leave the cat with impaired vision or in worst case scenarios, lose the eye. Lucy had two tiny ulcers that I could only see if I was looking down from behind at her. As Lucy has very little sight left, it was easier to put the cream (Fusithalmic) in from behind her. We think she can only see shadows these days. Snowy, one of our other cats who also shares our bedroom (Lucy's feline friend) got the URI too, but being a much younger cat spent one day feeling really sorry for himself and within two or three days, apart from the odd sneeze or sniff he's fine. I'm in the same position of not having a lot of money (in fact we're pretty much broke). Our saving grace is I started a part-time job a couple of weeks ago which has paid for most of the vet bills.

Lucy didn't have a fever at all. I'd liken it to a really bad head cold in a human.

Be careful that Harley eats and drinks as otherwise he could get dehydrated. I had to syringe feed Lucy for about a week and a half, then her nose cleared enough for her to smell her food again and she started eating on her own and hasn't stopped since. About 14 months ago Lucy had cat flu and she got dehydrated very quickly. She spent 4 days hospitalised at the vets on an IV drip. It saved her life but left me severely overdrawn at the bank which I haven't recovered from financially yet. The quicker you can get Harley to the vet the better for both of you.

Sending more healing vibes to you all and hope both pussycats get better very soon.
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I am just seeing this thread. How is Harley doing? I hope everything is okay.
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Aww..I'm sorry.. I hope he feels better soon! to you both!
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You guys are so supportive

Harley is doing MUCH better today! He ate ALL of his wet food for lunch and dinner- he's been out in the living room all day, he hasn't been sleeping in the bedroom like he was yesterday And he's been playing with Bayley too! He was even sleeping on his usual spot on the counter like he usuall does

I'm still taking him in next week, just to get him checked out, but overall, he's much better than he was yesterday. Keep the vibes coming, I want my big guy totally healthy
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Many for Harley. I am just now readin this. Glad to know he is being his normal self again.

*Get better Harley*!!!
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What wonderful news! It does seem like he caught a bug Bayley brought home with him during a vulnerable time for Harley. I'm SO GLAD to hear he's doing better, eating and playing!

Continuing to send "get better soon and completely" vibes to Harley!

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Thank god ! I couldn't stop thinking about him! He is probably still down . It's ok Harley, we all love you !
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I'm glad to hear that Harley is feeling better..but I'll send him lots of good vibes and hugs anyways!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I'm glad to hear that Harley is feeling better..but I'll send him lots of good vibes and hugs anyways!
Same here! Harley
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Im' new here, but I have to say I am soooooo happy your beautiful Harley is feeling better! Hopefully he will be playing with darling little Bayley soon.
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