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Does anyone here use a Holistic Vet?

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I was given the phone number of a Holistic Vet in my area that only does house calls. It sounds interesting but we've only gone to a traditional Vet for care. I was wondering if anyone has/does use a Holistic Vet and what the benefits/ problems may be? I'm looking for any feedback..positive or negative. Thanks
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First, I'm jealous that you have a vet that'll do house calls!

My vet is a combo, traditional AND holistic. They have used a holistic treatment on my Ginger to help her get through a severe reaction to her last rabies shot and it worked wonders. I have NO clue what it was, something made from herbs that they fed her.

My Ferris is currently being treated with Flower Essences, and they have had a HUGE positive impact on his being able to get past his fears and panic. He is a feral rescue, and had emotional trauma based upon his capture and the month he spent living in a cage in foster care between 8-12 weeks old.

I can't explain why some of the holistic approaches work, but they have worked, for me so far, at least. I do like, however, that my vet will try traditional FIRST, then use a holistic approach.

I hope this helps you.
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I've never heard about any vet in my area that do thishttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/images/smilies/clap.gif
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I use a traditional /holistic one too ... We use the natural for everyday stuff and only traditional when infection or something needs immediate attention...

Housecalls that would be nice but she is only about 1.5 miles so .....
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We just went to an "alternative" vet for the first time last week. She prescribed three herbals (a flower essence, an herbal liquid, and some pills that she crushed for us) and a traditional: Fluoxetine (Prozac).

We've had a terrible time administering the meds, and Sassy's only had three days of them so far -- but her behavior has already begun to change! She seems less fearful and withdrawn, and she's no longer staying exclusively in the kitchen to avoid the kitty she's feuding with.

Because Prozac takes some time to work (at least in humans -- I imagine it's the same in cats), I feel that these early changes are probably due to the herbal meds. So I'm impressed! I hope it works out for you, too...
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We do but we just switched over from traditional (mainly for my dog whom has had many health concerns) but also for other reasons..We like to be on the same page as our vet. as previously we were not. For example, it nice to have the support for raw feeding and great resource tool as well. We also don't agree with throwing antibotics down our animals throat for everything, first we try homeopathic and then if that does not work then antibotics..never would we endanger our animals...only for minor things...Also, I like the way our holistic vet does vaccinations...They have a blood test that determines how many of the antibodies from the vaccine are left and if they are safe levels to protect them which helps from over-vaccinating your animal...which you know can be dangerous for their health.. Our vet does recommend getting their vaccines to a certain level first..I love love love the home rememdies for flees....I hate putting Frontline on my babies it is toxic!!! There are so many wonderful things about a Holistic Vet but I would make sure that they use traditional medicine as well for balance. Good luck~
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I wish there was one in my area! I love my vet,(she's conventional, but open to suggestions) but there are definatley things I wish we'd take a more natural approach with, and she doesn't *always* have my back
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I really don't know much about the Vet that we were refered to. Only Her name, phone number and that she Only does home visit's. I will have to call her and get more info. before I decide. As long as she does cover traditional as well as holistic care it seems like a great idea and so much less stressful for my pets!
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I don't see a regular vet. I take my kitties to see an accupuncturist who only works with animals. I'm lucky that he is located only a few miles from me. If the kids need tests, there is a local vet he works with who will draw blood and send in the samples for tests.

He actually taught animal accupuncture at UC Davis, in California.
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