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Hi, I'm new to the Catsite. I'm hoping someone can help answer a few of my questions.

My 5 year old tabby, Darby, has had unusual bowel movements in the last several months. Her feces is sometimes watery and mustard yellow in color. She tends to have a lot of gas along with that and will sometimes leave droplets of poop all over the place.

I took her to the vet for this problem in December and they ran the usual tests on her for feline leukemia. The vet had no problems charging me $145 for all the tests, but he never bothered to call me back about the test results. When I contacted him, he had no answers for me about her diarrhea problem, but fortunately she doesn't have leukemia.

The problem comes and then goes away for a couple of days and returns. It's been this same pattern for months. The vet had given me amoxicillin, metronadizole, and metroclopramide, but they never did anything for her.

My question is, does Darby's problem sound like syptoms of some larger disease? What can I try before spending more money on a trip to the vet? I've changed her diet often, but nothing seems to help. Any other suggestions? I'd really appreciate it!
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Is she indoor or outdoor? It may be some kind of intestinal parasite. It sounds like you might want to switch vets!!
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Darby is a strictly indoor cat.
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i had the same problem with my cat...it was a parasite "like what you get from drinking the water in mexico" was what my vet said. since she was a kitten i had to give her liquid medicine 3 times a day whice cured it, but if she had been older, one pill would have taken care of it my vet told me. did the vet get a sample of the feces?i agree with finding a new vet.
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The possiblity of this problem being a parasite was not even mentioned by the vet. Darby had semi-normal bowel movements today (4-25) and no droplets. She hasn't been normal in months.

Is it possible that she could have a parasite that only affected her and not my other cat, who shares the same water and food bowls with her? KittyKat (my 7 year old cat) has been in perfect health this whole time.

Sorry I forgot to mention KittyKat in my last postings, it might have helped knowing this detail. Please don't tell her! Thanks for the input!
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Anything is possible with cats. There are quite a few parasites they can pick up and you not know it. I would at least mention it to the vet and have them look at a fecal sample. Yes, cats can pass it back and fourth but the other kitty may not have gotten necessary contact.
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It sounds like you need a new vet. Also the constant switching of food may exacerbate the diarrhea problem. The vet should do a fecal exam for parasites, bacteria and worms, and only after results are in should he put your kitty on any medication. I hope you find someone you can trust.
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i have 3 cats and only the one had the parasite...the others were fine. i would say find a new vet and make sure they test a sample of the feces.
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