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paws in the face.

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i know, that kittens love to stick there paws in your face.
but today how i was in bed, with heyu sleeping at the foot, Eazy just kept , putting his paw on my cheek, and would then run it down to the chin, he did this like 2 or 3 times, then would later come back do it again, scary thought was that that is what i do to him when he sits in my lap is i stroke the sides of his head and he justt purrrs away...

maybe its just me still be sick, but it seems a strange connection .
ok where did i put my legal drugs, i am going back to bed lol
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Davidson used to do that to me all the time when we were cuddling I think its sweet!
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That means that they LOVE you. Isn't that the greatest feeling???

I woke up on Saturday morning to find Ginger sitting next to me with one paw on my forearm. This from a kitty who generally eschews touching.
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Awwwww Bruce isn't that lovely!!
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That's so sweet! Tailer pets me all the time, too.
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It is the loveliest thing isn't it? Radar and Sonic both stroke my face with their paws when they are feeling happy and relaxed.

It is the best thing in the world, Radar was cuddling in my lap earlier while I was at the computer, he just looked up at me with his big green eyes and reached out with a paw to rest it on my face then after a few seconds ran his paw down my face, it absolutely melted me. Sonic likes to sleep either curled up right by my face or curled up on my head, but whichever position he chooses he always has a paw placed on my face, or sometimes all four paws resting against my cheek.

It's kitty love
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heeh good to know that i am not the only this happens to. seems strange to have a pet pet you

eazy been doing that alot his week, along with heyu kneading me (as i am typing this she is on the back of the chair kneading my shoulder)

My aunt told me on the phone that cause they know i am sick, and aer doing there part in trying to make me better. hmmm dont know if i beleave that , but its nice.
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No, I agree, they can sense when you are sick and will try to comfort you. I have one cat that will stay far away unless me or my husband is not feeling well, then she will have to come and cuddle for a few minutes at least. I think it is just precious!
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Aw, little Eazy was trying to get you to purr Bruce! kitties definitely know when you are sick or sad or whatever, they are very in tune with your feelings
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