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Foster Babies leaving tomorrow!

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O'Henry,Penuche,Necco and Snickers will leave my home tomorrow for their temp stay at the local SPCA. They will be adopted from there!
I will miss them terribly and my house will seem very quiet without them. These 4 are nine weeks old now and are doing just great. Each has their own personaly and I just know that they will make some families very happy. I know that they have brought joy and life into my home these past few weeks.
I am asking that you kitty lovers remember them in your prayers, that they will find loving forever families soon!
Thank you!
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Debra - how sweet but sad! Like I've said time and time again, I have ultimate respect for you people who foster. You are one of those rare, truly shining people.

I will keep all of you in my prayers.

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Sending up prayers that the kitties will soon have loving families to adopt them!
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Just seeing the pics, I'm sure they will be snatched up to wonderful, loving homes. I echo what Laurie said, you have truly been an angel to these little ones. (That's a thank you from the 4 kittens, who can't quite form words yet )
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Sending good thoughts that all four of them find a fantastic home soon

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Thank you everyone! We have had extra love bug sessions tonight!
They are so adorable!
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Awww Deb, its must be so hard to let them go!! But you've done a wonderful job and I'm sure they will all find wonderful homes in no time!!
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I hope they find wonderful forever families who love them as much as you do!
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Well - I took them to the shelter this morning. I did really well and didn't cry until I was kissing each goodbye! Since then I have called 5 times to check on them!
I am told that they will get on the floor for adoption on Thursday!
I hope and pray that all goes well for these little ones. They struggled so very hard to survive, they deserve the best!

On an odd and happy note....I have been asked to foster an 8 month old for a month. She was a stray and hit by a car. She has a broken pelvis and needs to reamin quiet till it heals. When I took the babes back, I felt so lonely - now I will have another to care for tomorrow. God bless the babies!
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Such wonderful, yet sad news! The babies are ready to leave the nest, because Mommy took such good care of them. I'm glad you're getting another needy baby, even if it's a bit older. I hope the SPCA keeps them together for a few weeks longer. It's a shame that the public demands kittens who would be better off staying with their litter mates a while longer. Of course, the important thing is that they find a home with someone as loving and kind as you are. Wonderful job!
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You're a gem and I'll hold thumbs that the babies get loving homes soon.
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I got to visit with them today when I went to pick up our new foster baby! They are so beautiful I got all choked up! After a lot of loving, I snuck them some of their favorite canned food! Tomorrow is the day that they are first presented for adoption! I will keep you posted on how it goes!
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With all these people rooting for you and them, they'll HAVE to find great homes! ...and how wonderful - your first batch off, and another "baby" needing love turns up on the proverbial doorstep.

Hugs to ALL of you!

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Sending up prayers!!! I am sure they will all find good homes!!!!
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