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most of my perfumes are actually body sprays. i love victoria's secret amber romance, pear glace, and i have a few others. i also like bath & body works sensual amber (i think that's the name), sweet pea, and a couple others.

the only actual perfume i have is a britney spears one. i like the way it smells. and even more important, my DH really likes how it smells. i can't remember what it's called though.
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I love lacoste PINK! Its the next thing I will get while on duty free!

But i have this perfume called Evidence sold at Yvore Roscher, Its the same thing as the Body shop, but French!

I also have this cheap one that costed me 4€ and its called Love me Love me Pink. It smells delicious!

A friend of mine bought me this Candy perfume but i dunno.. I feel like i have fairy floss smudged all over me!
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bath and body works sweet pea!!

i cant wear or be around anything spicy there are several older ladies that come to our store and they always smell like they took a bath in some of the spicy perfumes i always turn the register off and let someone else take the order cause i will get an instant severe headache and start sneezing like crazy. i have to sick with the softer scents but they cant be too sweet either cause i will get a headache with them too.
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I don't have an opportunity to wear much perfume but I usually wear

Seringa by Floris -I first discovered it in London and had a friend buy it for me but now I can find it here in the US

Michael by Michael Kors

I like the smell of the new Coach perfume too.

I would like to buy some of Jo Malone's scents like Lime Basil and Mandarin or French Lime Blossom

When I was in Vegas last I stopped at a store in Caesar's Palace called Penhaligon and the clerk gave me a sample of Artemisia that I like too.
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Hoppe's #9, drives men wild!
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I am simple I like POISION...
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Gucci Pink is mine.
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Trish McEvoy #6 Mandarin & Ginger Lily. My sister bought it for me as my wedding perfume and have been wearing it ever since.

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Dream Angels Heavenly more often than not!
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I love this vanilla sugar perfume I found but I can't remember what brand its made by.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
You could be right because i have The Bodyshops body butter in mango, coconut and brazil nut and Gil loves the smell.

You men, you've got no nose for perfumes really have you, it all comes down to food!
hehe yep the way to man;s heart is his stomach

Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Because of work, my scent is probably Eau du Jet-A! Which is NOT a good thing.
heeh since i love to fly(when i am doing the flying) sounds kinda sexy

Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
me to my DH: "c'mere darling, (insert me trying to be sexy here) do you like my new fragrance, it's Au-de-Peter-Pan"

my DH: "mmm, I could go for a fluffernutter...."
they should come up with smell of pizza, or steak cooking on the grill, men would be standing in line trying to get a date
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yay I love perfume, heres my latest

I wear these the most

Armani : Glam City - daytime and Remix - early/casual evening

Paul Smith : Woman - light for daytime / casual evening

Boss: Intense : night

Chanel: Coco Madamoiselle - early evening night
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No perfumes, only scented oils.
I wear either Rain, or Vanilla
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Anything vanilla, a blackberry-sage perfume oil I picked up at an herb shop, and several Demeter scents (Gin and Tonic, Grapefruit Tea and Fuzzy Navel). I can't do the really strong complex scents, because they trigger my migraines, but any non-floral citrus or fruit scent usually works for me.
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I only wear Cherry-Vanilla by Coty. It's the only one I've found that really works with my body chemistry. Most expensive brands end up smelling like pure alcohol on me. Of course, I haven't looked for a new scent for over 10 yrs so maybe I should go explore.
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I go out of my way to use un- or low scented things, but people ask me what kind of scent I'm wearing all the time anyway. (In a good way... hopefully nobody's trying to tell me I stink)

Apparently I manufacture my own perfume. I seem to like it okay. I guess that would be my signature scent.

But my favorite is oddly enough Dove's unscented deodorant because they put almond oil in it and it smells very faint but pretty anyway.

Zissou's is Fresh Step, because she spends so much time in there digging around that she comes out smelling like her litter
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I always wear Sand & Sable.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I'm allergic to any and all, but when I was younger, I used to wear Love's Baby Soft.

I had forgotten about that stuff! I wore it in middle school. I think I'm going to have to go look for it again.

I wear Estee Lauder Pleasures and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. I used to wear a cheapie... Vanderbilt Petals, but it's hard to find these days.

Any guys want to weigh in? What's a sexy scent for a gal?
I like Curve for men and Preferred Stock on my men... but I've been smelling some guys at work lately that smell awfully good. I'll have to find out what they wear.
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I have so many it's hard to keep track but most commonly I wear Coolwater for women, Mary Kay's Velocity or VS Pink
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Umm.... I've had male friends tell me I smell like "girl".
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post

I would like to buy some of Jo Malone's scents like Lime Basil and Mandarin or French Lime Blossom
I don't know if it's the same brand, but I have a Lime Basil perfume somewhere. It was wonderful. I loved it... but I lost it!
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
I like Curve for men and Preferred Stock on my men... but I've been smelling some guys at work lately that smell awfully good. I'll have to find out what they wear.
i like Drakkar Noir for men... do they still make that? it's been years since i asked a guy what he was wearing... primary school teachers don't meet men that often in our line of work. & during a show, the people don't wear scent, because it can cause problems for many singers.
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For me, I am currently in a Vanilla place...

For men, Swiss Army It has the power to remove clothing
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Only kind that I don't seem to be allergic to is Chlöe - and I love it!
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I wear Amazing Grace by Philosophy ...MY FAV

Also like Maybe Baby, By Benefit

Pink sugar, By Aquolina

and Clinique Happy
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IHappy by Clinique!! I currently have/wear: Gap(Blue), Kenneth Cole Reaction,Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren Cool.
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Curve Soul for me - I get a lot of compliments wearing it, and I like that its not that strong. I've also got a bottle of Bath and Body Works' Cherry Blossom that I wear on occaision.
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I really like Goddess by Baby Phat (it's pink and I love the kitty in their brand name )..... it smells really cute to me....but I rarely wear purfume
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I have worn Elizabeth Ardens 5th Avenue for many many years. I love the stuff.
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I like realm .. and i wear gold by avon. also michael by micael kors
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