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THIS is why I don't live in Denver!

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I absolutely cannot believe that this is really happening in a large city like Denver. It is things like this, their attitude toward animal owners (and gun owners) that is the reason why I refuse to live in Denver proper.

Bengal cat owner told pet can’t stay in Denver
October 20, 2002 - 4:36 PM

DENVER - Clyde the cat's days in Denver are still numbered. But, he has been given a brief reprieve.

Clyde is part of a unique breed called the Bengal cat. He looks like a normal Tabby, but his owner - Mitch Dailey - says Clyde inherited unique stripes from his great-great-grandfather who was an Asian wildcat. That makes Clyde a wildlife hybrid – a mix that is not allowed in Denver.

The Division of Animal Control told Mitch to move the cat by Saturday night. On Saturday, Mitch was given an additional week to make arrangements but Clyde still has to go.

“The only breed that's allowed is Felis catus, the domestic housecat,†said Doug Kelley with Denver Animal Control. “The Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat.â€

“This is a housecat, he's not a dangerous animal,†said Mitch Dailey. “I don't understand what the problem is.â€

Mitch Dailey can appeal the decision from animal control but that will take a few weeks. He is asking anyone interested in Clyde's situation to contact him at: saveclyde@hotmail.com.

I know we have some Bengal Breeders on the site. Can you give me on the thread, or email him directly, any information that can help his appeal? I was thinking since this breed is recognized by the cat fancy organizations, and you can show it, there has to be information that can help him prove it.
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Are they completely insane? I can't believe that they would make him get rid of his cat like that.
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I just sent the link to the International Bengal Club Association. I am hoping they can help this poor man.
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That is just nuts!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Hissy. It is all over our message boards we are trying to do what can be done. It is so sad to see this happen.
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I'm glad to know the right organizations know about this. Thanks Bengal Cats for letting us know. I would imagine the news here won't report any outcomes of an appeal, so if you hear anything can you keep us posted?

This is the same city that has outlawed Pit Bulls (Stafordshire Terriers), and puts down any that they find (well, they say the owners can claim them, and get fined etc. and still have to move them out of town...).

Those people there have no clue. They just outlaw things whenever they can, and see any repercussions later.
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That is just an outrage!!!! How can they tell this man he has to get rid of his cat???????? That's just crazy!! I hope the Bengal Association can help him!!!! Please keep us posted!!!!
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One of the ladies in town just bought a bobcat kit! A bobcat! It ticks me off because she has out of control ferals all over her place, and yet she goes and buys a wild cat that does not deserve to be kept in captivity. And why? Because she thinks it would be cool to own one........sigh........people so suck!
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Gary and I have been having a decades long running debate on what the difference is between humans and animals. Maybe the simple answer is that humans can suck and animals can't. !

Are bengals really part Asian wildcat? I didn't know domestic cats and wild cats were genetically close enough on the relationship scale to interbreed. I'd always assumed it was bred on purpose - but with mutations in variations in coats of domestic cats.

Sounds like Denver can use some of the research Christy and I are putting together.

It's really tragic. I sure hope the Bengal Cats org can intervene here.
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Right now a bunch of people are getting money together for lawyers. I hope things work out for this man. They have said they would sell there house before they give him up. Animal control went out and the man looked at the cat and said yes that is a viscous cat. I wish I still had the picture. He did not look viscous at all. He is a Bengal and he is a 4th generation and that makes him domesticated. If he was first, second, or third he would be what they call wild.
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Only my opinion....
If the city of Denver is so concerned about possible danger (which probably doesn't exist) why don't they just make and enforce a law that prohibits Bengals from being allowed to run around freely????

Running around freely just exposes cats to a lot of outdoor hazards anyway.
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the Bengal_List on Yahoo is aware of this as well ....... they are all well-known breeders & I belong to it, and so does Nicole. I think it is absolutely *#$&*@ absurd for what they are trying to do.
Can we email the mayor or the animal control over in Denver?
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Clydes owners have put up a website you can see it here. You can also see a picture of Clyde.
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What these people need is someone who specializes in genetics to explain to these retards that Clyde is in fact domesticated. I hope Clyde gets to stay! I hope they can go to court and have this issue resolved! It's funny that the state vet says one thing, but a city can say another!It's just another goverment ploy to stick there noses where they don't belong! Local goverments should not have control over this kind of issue! That's why we have Federal Wildlife Department.What the hell does a dog catcher (which is what they really are) know about genetics? I'm sure a FWM would take one look at Clyde and laugh at these idiots! "That's not a leopard that's just an ole putty tat!" I've been to a Bengal breeder. I've seen Bengals. The only thing that separates them from domestics is that they have a different color of coat. That's it!
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Nicole, thank you for posting the link to their website! I went and read quite a bit of it, and saw the pictures of Clyde. He is a beautiful cat, and anyone who sees him should be able to realize he is NOT a wild animal who would endanger anyone!!! What a bunch of morons these people must be!
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