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Cats and Quilts

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I am a quilter and for some reason my Pooh thinks that any quilt in the house is his. In this picture he is checking to see how comfy a quilt is that I was making for my firend at work (her husband passed away and I made this quilt using his work shirts)

Here is a quilt I made for a friend as a baby gift. I put it on the floor and when I came back with the camera, this is what I found

Caught him sleeping in this one

And finally, he can't even wait for this one to be finished. He's checking out my piece work!!
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Those quilts are gorgeous!!! Kitty too. Isn't it nice to have someone to help and appreciate your work?
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Originally Posted by Marine View Post
(her husband passed away and I made this quilt using his work shirts)
Omg, that is the sweetest thing... You make beautiful quilts

Your kitty is adorable lol
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That is so sweet of you to do that for your friend. I bet she finds it very comforting, I know I would.
I have always wanted to learn to quilt. I have been saving Crown Royal bags for years to make a quilt out of. I slept under one once and it was so comfy.
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Thanks for the compliments on my adorable Pooh and my quilts. Sewing is my de-stressing mechanism. Pooh knows when it's time for me to sew and will go into my room and sit on my chair and wait for me. It's so funny. When he was a kitten he used to sit behind me on the chair. Now that he is 15 pounds, I think he needs his own chair. I am collecting cat fabrics right now for a cat quilt. That should be fun!
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Awwww! He`s doing Quality Control checks for you! what a sweetie
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Pooh is lovely, and you know you're not supposed to attempt any job without a feline supervisor

Your quilts are fantastic! I love the idea of making the one out of shirts, I am sure that your friend will find it a great comfort and will feel that he is still close to her when she snuggles up in it
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OMG your quilts are beyond beautiful as is your kitty. And you sound like such a wonderful person making the quilt for your friend. All very pretty works of art.
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He is just giving his approval for such beautiful work..
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So cute they love mommys quilts
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Awh, Pooh is gorgeous (as are your quilts)!! I agree, he may consider himself your Quality Control Inspector - he looks like he is taking his job quite seriously!
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