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And Some Very Good News

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Lucy is almost back to her normal self. She still has a slight sniffle and the occasional sneeze but is back eating normally (well, everytime I go in, the food dish is more or less empty and there she is asking for more )

Last night she was back on her favourite perch and back to her routine of sitting on my husband, then on me then going to sleep perched on my husband. As soon as I stirred this morning, there she was, miaowing and purring in my ear and batting my face with her paw, demanding that it was time I got up to feed her. What a wonderful way to start the day

She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon but I'm sure she'll be discharged from the vet. What a different story to last Friday when I came a whisker close to having her PTS.

I'm just soooooo glad I held back. She is truly an amazing little cat and I her to bits. I know I won't have her forever but every second she is with me is just so precious and I hope I have her for a long time yet.

I also have no doubt that all your prayers and healing vibes helped Lucy - and me - you are all wonderful, caring people.

From Lucy and me a big heartfelt


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Way to go Lucy! We're so pleased you're getting better and better. Keep it up and you'll soon forget you weren't feeling well before.
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That is fantastic news, it is wonderful to see them returning to normal after they have been sick
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That's fantastic news. Keep it up Lucy and you'll soon be totally back to normal.
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Glad to hear Lucy is getting back to her old self!
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