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How do you clean a dirty bottom?

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Gosh, I'm even embarrassed to ask this question.

Sounds kinda' silly, but . . . Bailey is a big guy, 28 pounds right now, and he's on a diet, so 28 pounds is good! He has trouble cleaning his bottom. He'll let me clean off any poop that gets on his fur (he's short-haired), but how do I clean off the pee? He doesn't get much on himself, but I guess it's right around his penis. Do I use soap and water? I usually use a comb to comb out any poop. He's not filthy or anything, but there's enough there that I don't like it and neither does he.

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What I do with Damita is make a wash of kitty shampoo & water. Then I use a cloth to wipe her bum with that "mixture". You can buy kitty wipes in a whole bunch of places, or esle you can use baby wipes. I also trim some of the hair off her bum to help...but her problems are with "cling-ons"(poop).
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I would skip the wipes and give your kitty a bath. I bought the wipes and they really didn't do much. Plus they are cold and Lucky didn't like that.
You could take Benson for a week. LoL He now takes care of Lucky's problem areas. Losing weight will help and it sounds like you started that.
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Try warm water on a soft cotton cloth
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i use baby wipes (without alcohol, usually the super sensitive ones for newborns) or a warm wet cloth to clean nabu. he sometimes gets the runs, and a little is left on his fur.
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Thanks guys! I think I'll start with the cloth and warm water and if that doesn't work, then will try the wipes. He's so good about letting me clean him up, I don't think he'll mind too much, and he'll be happy with his glistening clean bottom!!

And, hey! Send Benson here for awhile, and I'll put him to work!!!

I guess I should add . . . I'm used to cleaning up girl kitties, not boys!
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
Try warm water on a soft cotton cloth

If you can find microfibre towels, it will help a whole lot. The other alternative is cloth diapers...
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I ended up just using an old, soft washcloth and warm water, and it worked really well! And bless Bailey's heart, he let me do it. I'm sure he was glad he didn't have a "dirty bottom" any more!
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Harriet is too chubs to clean her own butt so i keep it shaved and I clean it once or twice a day with baby butt wipes. She likes it.

It's pretty important to keep it all clean if your kitty can't. It can cause infections otherwise.
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