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I have no idea what to do we have 5 cats in our house and they are CRAZY! i leave them alone for 2 hours and the house is destroyed, i love them to death, but they just make things so hard, and i mean i can handle it. cause its mostly the kittens, and im just waiting for them to our grow this period....

but my dad, HATES them, and last night got so mad, that now he is taking them away next week while i am out of town. He is going to leave them at the Humane Society and i have a feeling that my oldest wont get adopted, she is not really sociable, she has lost most of her hair due to a rough litter and allergies. and our society has a one month time limit i hate just thinking about what is going to happen....

anyone got any suggestions on how i can change his mind? i love my babies to death...
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What about having friends look after them while you are away. Even if it means having the cats live briefly out of your father's house, it will save them till you get back nonetheless. Might not be the best solution but it is one. Hopefully a friend can help you out for a short period of time, and bring them a little gift back too to thank them for helping out. Hope this helps.
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you could try putting them in different room with food and there litter box during the time you are gone. tell your father that. If you think he will really get rid of your pets, then i would find a friend or somethign that could keep them for a few days.
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all my friends have other animals, and since he pays for the cats atm, i cant really take them away.. and even if i did that, he would still find a way to take them away while im at school.

(btw, my dad is one of those high and mighty boys, thinks the women are under him >.< plus he has 2 dogs and a bunch of creepy crawlers in the house, but to him, since its his house, he doesnt care what i think )
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I know kittens can be wild at times. I lock my kitten in the bathroom where her food, water & litter box is. This opens up to the hall where her bed is & I close all the doors into the hall except the bathroom door. There's also some toys for her to play with. She's quite happy there during the day if I'm out. She probably sleeps most of the day.
Maybe you could set up something like this so there's nothing for your kitties to destroy. Morning & afternoon - play, play, play with your kitties so they don't get bored.
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