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Question Of the Day

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After picking up Nakita, my breeder said that in her experience, Russian Blue's seem to produce small litters and more males than females. I wanted a female so I had to wait a bit longer for mine. I grew up with female cats, so I just stayed with females!

When you picked your cat, did it matter to you whether it was female or male? If so, why did you choose one gender over the other?
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I started with 2 females to start. That wasn't a choice we made for male or female, they were just the 2 we fell in love with. After that we delibrately went for males, as we thought that the females we had would deal better with the boys - we had always heard that female cats could be very territorial.
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When I was looking for kittens, my only specification was that they were the same sex. I had two female cats in the past, and wound up with two female cats this time . But I don't have a favorite really, cats are great no matter their sex .
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Richard would only let me have a female as his old cat was female as well. I think he has a stuck image in his head that all male cats are agressive toms, hopefully when we start the fostering I will be able to get him to see not all male cats are like that.

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I didn't pick my cats they picked me.

And their sex does not really matter to me, I'll wind up loving them anyway. I do like male cats with big fat heads though.
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My first cat, a female, picked me. So did my second cat, also a female, although she picked my S/O and me together. We were at a friend's house when this little kitten came onto the porch. She didn't even leave when their German Shepherd started sniffing at her.

After the first cat died, a year ago tomorrow , I got another cat, and since we already had a female kitten, I just picked another one.
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I have never gone looking for a specific gender or color. I spay and neuter, anyway. I look for personalities. Opie was the most appealing cat, the day that we went to the Humane society. We weren't even looking, the day we got Rowdy. The Humane Society was at the county fair and we were "just browsing". Ike picked us. Of the five dogs that Katey had left, he was the one who wouldn't leave Bill and me alone.
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Ophelia just happened in our lives. She was stuck in a wall, and we got her out. So we didn't have a choice there. We thought she got out again, so we went out and Trent chose us. Not really a choice for him, either. Just my observation of those two, and the other cats I have known - the males have generally been more people oriented (they will love on anyone), while the females were more one person cats. I know that's not true of all males or females, though.
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I have to admit, I was advised to get a male as they are supposed to be more even tempered. What tosh.

Balie is the most nervous, frightened little soul, Ferdy is a boistrous bruiser. But Fifi - my girlie, is the sweetest natured little thing you could ask for.

So much for 'what they say . . .'
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Opie is a very dignified, laid-back gentleman cat. He sits back and lets Rowdy eat first. He will, occasionally, initiate a romp. Opie will have no part of Ike, though. It is beneath his dignity, to consort with such an oaf.

Rowdy, on the other hand, lives up to her name. If it moves, she attacks. She and Ike roughouse, swatting and nipping each other. Ike pins her down, with a paw and Rowdy smacks him and nips his jowls. This one tough cat!
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Everyone at our Vets believes, for some reason, that orange male tabbies are "the Best" pets for even temper, love, behavior. ????? They continue to spread the rumor.....

Our cats chose us! We have two males. Lazlo is good, Shelly is a bad boy. Lazlo is a scaredy cat, and Shelly is unphased by just about anything. Lazlo does not like new people or places - he doesn't like new people sitting in "his" chair. Shelly likes just about everyone, explores new places, and could care less where he is or where other people are. Lazlo took a long time to like being loved on, and stoically expresses his love for you. Well - me mostly. He's kinda a one person cat, but you can tell he loves Gary too. Shelly loves everybody and loves being loved by anybody! LOL!

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Hmmmmmmm.........When we picked Tigger out, we wanted a female. When we started looking for another cat, we chose a boy because they are more affectionate & playful. So, that is how we picked Gizmo out. Scooter was picked because he was Gizmo's younger brother
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LDG - your vet's people may be right. My Opie is an orange male tabby.
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I picked a female because my old college roomate had a female cat. My other girls chose me, I didn't chose them! I actually prefer males. They are more lovey dovey. It really isn't that big an issue. I just love kitties!

Proud parent ofJoJo Auxana Sarah
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I wanted a male Ragdoll because I've heard that they tend to be more "smoshy" than females. Our little guy is a cuddler but not necessarily a lap cat, which is fine with me. However, if we ever get a second Raggie, I'd want a female.

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