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Today is neuter day here, too!

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Cappy is going in this morning to be neutered.

We'll be leaving at 8 or just before.

I slept in my sisters room with him all night, because he had to be food and waterless, so we confined him there. He was soooo cuddly and loving. Wouldn't let me sleep. Little bugger.

We'll be spending the day in London... doing whatever we can find to do.. then pick him up at 4, and go find my cousins place to wait at til 6 when we pick up my aunt from work.

Good luck for my Cappy baby.
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and for Cappy, let us know how he is doing.

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Spending the day in London?, over here?

(((((((((mega healing vibes)))))))))) for little Cappy bless him
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London Ontario.. lol
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Sending huggles to Cappy on his big day
He's such a pretty boy, all that long hair going to be shaved. At least he gets to come home tonight for cuddles!
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
London Ontario.. lol
After i posted i thought it might be something like that, because weve got a Washington and a New York over in my area
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Goodluck with cappy.
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Hey, have fun in London...I will send some healthy neuter vibes for Cappy{{{{}}}

I was going to tell you to stop by my office if you need a insurance quote But then I realized that if I put my office location here, people could stalk me

Have fun today!
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Watch out for them stalkers.

Well, I'm going to go put him in the carrier, and we'll be off!

Have a good day everyone!
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he will be back home and playing soon!!
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Hope all goes well!
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Sending out good luck vibes for your baby's neuter!!!
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Well we are back.

He was good.. other than he peed in the carrier on the way up there.
Then after we picked him up, had to throw the blanket out and we bought a new one for him, and some of those cat wipes to clean him off, he smelt like cat pee really bad.

But he's happy.

Sat on my lap most of the ride home, looking out the window.
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Awwwwww Cappy WTG Does he seem more feminine now?

BTW I was very disappointed that you didn't come stalk me today
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He was pretty feminine before! He has such a girly meow.

LOL. That'd be pretty hard to find you.

It was VERY boring... we couldn't end up going to my cousins place, becuase it's a no pets apartment and he didn't want to get evicted.. even though we were only going to be there for 3 hours.. but whatever.
We sat in a Tim Hortons parking lot for an hour, then at my Aunts work for another 2. Cappy had free run of the van, but spent all afternoon sleeping on his new blankie.
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