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Nope, the job I was applying for was the job that will be replacing mine. One of the trustees came to inform me of the decision, she cried and I didn't. I refuse to be cowed by this. She said I could take tomorrow off if I needed some time to recover from this 'awful lifeshattering decision' but I am going in because I refuse to be devastated or upset by this. They have done wrong by me, given that I sorted out their accounts and admin, but I am bigger than they are - if they think I am going to act like my life is over because of this they will be surprised

I will get another job, I enjoyed this one but I was also exasperated by several aspects of it, it's not the end of the world. I will get fantastic references anyway
DOUBLE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you got Nate there, and all of us here supporting you. You will rise about this temporary setback. You deserve better than them anyways.