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I cant sleep

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O man I knew this was going to happen, see i got myself back on that good schedule of going to bed a little after 2 sometimes 1:30 and getting up really early, well that got messed up the night we changed the clocks and it was getting back to my old schedule of 4-5 am it was gradually making its way back there but not so bad as it was...until DST came around its almost 5 am here and I cant sleep, and i keep eyeing out my book too I did some school work but not much I cant concentrate...i think its best if i just finish my book but whats sad is im not the least bit tired right now and u would think with three cats in the room some one would want to cuddle..even big bella but i bet shes waiting for that light to go out so now I am goin to tape ER tomarrow because this is my favorite season but hopefully i dont fall asleep with my vcr on and everything then it wouldnt work er comes on at 10 am and theres no way im waking up that early, imma try to set an alarm clock but do I really wanna get up early tomarrow...we have no munchies so id be hungry ALL DAY long! Hmm...i think its best if i actually slept in tomarrow

Man do I wish I can go to sleep...darn thyroid i knew it would be messing me up sooner or later it happens all the time i get on a good sleeping schedule and then my thyroid starts to act up again and well boom im awake
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Oh, God, do I know what it's like! I was sick earlier in the week, and then, until last night, hadn't really slept for 3 nights! I've had bouts of insomnia for years. I have no idea why--but I just can't function when I've not had enough sleep--I feel light-headed, my throats get sore, and I'm actually afraid to drive (I've even had to pull over, and call someone to take me home, it's that bad). And I only seem to get insomnia when I have to work the next day--never on vacation, or weekends! The more you try to get to sleep, the harder it is, too. The other night, I drank warm milk, ate a banana, took a hot bath, read, sniffed a lavender sachet, got up and did yoga--just to fall asleep 4 hours later, at 2:00 AM--then hubby's alarm clock went off at 4:00 AM (he had to be up very early)(I was sleeping in the guest room--sometimes I can get to sleep if I'm alone when this happens).

Finally, last night was blessed sleep! I was only awakened by the cats twice!

I hope you've finally gotten some real rest--

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