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Me Other Babies!

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Hey! Just thought I'd introduce the rest of the gang we have here!

My BF and I have 2 rats, Jay and Silent Bob; 3 hermit crabs, Big Red, Itchies, and Seeker; 1 apple snail, gary; 2 albino cory catfish, lefty, and Al Biny the tweaker; and last but not least 1 Bearded Dragon, Feonix.

Here are some pictures!

Silent Bob


Lefty and Al the Tweaker cory catfish


I can't find any of the hermit pictures for some odd reason!!! I'll have my BF look for them later .... Anyways, other than all these cute babies, at my moms house we have 16 kitties, 2 dogs and 2 chickens!

Heres my handome Cosmo, I've had him since I was 8 years old. I was lucky enough to see his birth, LMAO!

And heres one of the funniest pictures of Winnie!

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You have quite the handsome family!
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You ratties are soooo cute!! I love Jay!!!
you have a very pretty family
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Looks like someone told Winnie a joke
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Ok, I LOVE the rats' names! And Feonix is beautiful! I've had herps most of my life... none right now and I'm not allowed any more snakes but I do hope to have a bearded when we buy a house. I miss have cold-blodded pets around and since beardeds are like the puppy's of the lizard community I think it's be easy to get Matt to like one.
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wow, what a wondeful family you have. Jay & Bob are such cuties

I just love Gary - umm named after the famous pet snail from SpongeBob maybe

Your doggies are such peaches, give them a tummy rub from us
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Yeah, I cracked up laughing when my BF took that picture of her. And yes, Gary was named after the spongbob snail, haha.
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awe such cuties u have there, look at cosmo and winnie all ur pics are great thanx for sharing them with us
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I LOVE Gary!!

I have a black apple snail named Squishy and I often joke that he's the love of my life! They are just too cool, I love them!
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