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I did it

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Well everyone I did it, I got the cats nails trimmed well somewhat, my mom didnt wanna help with bella...what can I say bella can be a lovebug but a normal calico with cattitude well towards everyone else mostly So I did it when she was resting, I have always played with her paws to get her used to me messing with them because I knew id have to trim her nails...well I got one paw done and I havent done the rest yet..I wanted to give her a break! Blue i think we got 2 paws done surprisingly..she was the hardest to do...shes so squirmy..any tips on how to do her?? Stormie we only got a few done because she bite my mom and her fur in her paws are so long its hard to tell.... so we got maybe 1 or 2 nails done...Tessa well lets say shes one not to like being held for that long and well we got one nail done which it was alright..i told my mom we would do it slowly and we have to get them used to it...but I told her how easy bella was and she was so shocked I keep calling her a chicken tho What can I say Bella LOVES her mama unless shes sleeping or watching the birds she follows me...I mean she follows me everywhere if she wakes up and I am not in my room she hunts me down and jumps on my shoulder like i was gone for so long...thats my biggest love bug (still trying to figure out y someone would abandon her, and i am guessing her finding me and me giving her a home and i guess maybe shes afraid of being abandoned again and well that will NEVER happen) But I did it well my mom did it I had to hold the cats i was doing it at first but there she is giving me the one with the long fur and well i did bella so i actually did do some of the nails

Mods if this in the wrong section please put it were it needs to be..i didnt know where to post this at
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Job well done!
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Congrats, it gets easier every time
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