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OMG I think she's close

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I think Misty is getting very close! Ok, now I'm getting nervous! she's in my room and I heard her scratching aroung alot. I picked her up and she is purring her head off! Everyime i look at her she meows at me. She's been purring really really loud for about 10 minutes. I haven't been able to feel any contractions, but it may be because she's purring so much and the vibrations from her purring r interfering with me feeling the contractions, i dunno? Any calming words anyone? lol I put her in her box and she's stayed there for about 5 minutes now,m just laying there.
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Ok take some deep breaths and calm down! If she is in labor she knows what to do. If she is meowing at you when you go in the room she might be tryin to tell you she wants you to stay in there with her.Sit with her for a lil while and see what happens.and good luck if she is in labor. sendin good kitty vibes
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she just had a baby, it was still born. i've been crying, lol. it looked really tiny, and underdeveloped. it was pale, i don't even know if it had any fur. will all of them be like that?
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is it time for her to have them? Is she early? If she is not early and she is on time i dont think all of them will be like that. I hope she has the rest of the babies safe and healthly. I will stay on to answer any quistions i can answer for you. Sending healthly baby and safe delivery vibes to you and mommy kitty
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no she's not, she's around that time to give birth, she's on her 62nd day i think. that's around the time right? she seems ok. she's still purring a lot and meowing though. we got rid of the baby already and she was looking 4 it 4 a little while. she's drinkin water now. i hope she turns out alright.
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Yeah she could have them anytime after 58 days anytime before that sometimes they wont make it. Is she breathin hard or anything like that panting? Is she still in her box? I hope everythingn ngoes ok for her.
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yeah she's still in her box. she never panted, she's still purring a lot. she seems like she's resting.

I don't think all of them will be like that, i hope not. i mean i've felt lots of movement the whole time. i don't see why all of them would be so underdeveloped if i felt movement from them recently, right?
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ok, just updating in case anyone wants to follow this. it's been about an hour and 15 mintues since she delivered the still born. she's been purring so much since, doesn't want me to leave her. i actually had to calm myself down and rest a little, she would not have that, i was lying down on my bed, she jumbed on top of me, i mean she jumped directly on top of me and landed straight on my chest! lol she has never done anything like that before. so i've officially made my bed next to her box right now, 4 the time being. no signs of pushing out another baby yet. i'm hoping 4 the best, she's cleaning herself up more now. she's allowing me to rest and type this right now because she's distracted with cleaning herself. i didn't think she'd be this attatched to me during labor, but she is starting to wear me out, i feel so bad for her. i'm trying to stay positive. seeing that still born broke my heart! i'm thinking positive thoughts though. if anyone's on right now, send us some positive vibes and prayers! God knows we need them, it's going to be a long night!
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Well I hope is going well with mommy cat and so sorry to hear about the first one. Lets hope the other will be healthy and strong.

Good luck to you and your little angel.
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did everything go well whats going on? how's the momma hows's the grandma!? Are bthe babys ok?
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ok, there's still no babies, it's 7:39 am and i just woke up from a 3 hr nap i guess u can say. she showed no signs of hard labor at all after that baby. i feel the other moving still, quite a bit actually. but it seems like she went out of labor. why would that happen. she seems to be doing fine, still eating and drinking water, she wanted to sleep next to me. i called to emergency vet clinic around 3 am, they told me if she doesn't have them within 24 hrs to take her to a vet. does that sound right?

is it possible that she was aborting the unhealthy one and the other ones are on their way? i really don't know what's happening. nothing seems wrong at all. but then again they're not here yet? she hasn't been in labor again. i'll take her into the vet if i need to. i just really don't have a way to get her there. i don't drive and my only reliable, willing, person that could take me today(my dad) works all day, 9 am til 6 pm. the only other way is to take her on the bus, which is a 3 block walk from here, and i really don't think it's a good idea to put her through that stress.....
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oh my , this sounds so very much like lillys birth the up comming to it and now this , im hoping for a safe delivery for the rest of them . please up date when you can.
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sorry i must have posted the same time. lilly went out of labour after her first still born. the vet told me to wait till morning , this was at 3 am i took her in to a different vet at 9am they told me i had waited far to long , they had to do a c section and she had 3 more babys 2 didnt make it and the 3rd only lived for 4 days. im hoping this isnt the case , but i wouldnt wait 24 hours.
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Poor girl. I sure hope the others are born safe and healthy. Please keep us updated when you can.

RIP to the little one who didn't make it.
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should i put her through the stress of taking her on the bus like that? that's really my only option.
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imo yes i would , but thats only because iv been there and done that.
i didnt think there was anything to worry about , lilly was the first pregnant cat i have ever had , and i went by what the emergancy vets told me. i could have lost lilly as well as losing her babys. we had to counciel our holiday due to the amount it cost in vet fees. and she seemed ok in her self , no crying she was eating using her litter tray . but all was not what it seemed. but i am sorry for the little one.
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ok, i guess i'll start getting ready to make a trip down to the vet......
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i hope we are all worrying over nothing , but its better to be safe in the long run. i hope everything goes well and that mum and the kittens will be fine , she might just need a jab to send her back into labour.
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