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Sniper: Two in custody

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CNN said that they now have two people in custody in relation to the sniper shootings that have been happening in the D.C. area. Read below for more info.
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Oh, I hope this leads to the end of the attacks. My dad, brother and sister-in-law all live and work in the DC area. I've been frightened for their safety since this started. Fingers crossed they've finally caught the person, or will soon.
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Breaking news, the two they had were basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. They got a phone tip about the note the sniper left at the last scene, that they are deeming authentic, so they staked out the area. Lo and behold, a white Astro van showed up with 2 men in it, and they took them and the van into custody. Unfortunately, there was no evidence to link them, and it seems the worst thing these two have done may be immigration violations.

I hope they get this madman soon. It will be interesting to find out about him/them when they do. Personally, though, I don't think they will ever talk to him. I think he will either commit suicide as they close in, or "suicide by cop" making a situation where the police are forced to kill him.
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Oh, crud! I've had MSNBC on this early this morning, because I didn't want to miss anything. I was so grateful that the police were making so much progress. I hope the FBI gets involved; they have great resources. With what the police have right now seems to be very general, then. If he wants to get away and still have the fame he seems to crave, all he has to do is drive away and stay away.

This madman made me realize that Anne lives with this threat daily!
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I too hope they can find the sniper and put and end to it!!!! This is just so terrifying!!!! I hope there is some good news on this, soon!
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The two men arrested were let go...... they were turned over to the INS (illegal)

Sniper still on the loose.

Say a prayer!
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Boy I hope these two in custody are the ones responsible for the horrible killings. Most of the evidence seems to suggest they are. It appears their downfall was opening the bank account in Jamaica where they were going to deposit thier ransom demand of $10,000,000 which is how much they said it would take for them to stop!

But how incredibly sad that a 17 year old boy was sucked up in his stepfather's madness.
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17 year old's prints were found at another murder scene in September - Just matched the prints!
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Once again, what good news. I talked to my Dad Tuesday night, and it was obvious that the whole situation was starting to affect him. Now, I can feel at ease about my family. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones.
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I am so relieved! Route 70 is very close to me about 10 miles from here. It's one of the busiest interstates in PA. It goes through here to Zanesville, Ohio, and on from there. Of course, they fell asleep before getting to the Pittsburgh area, but the police said something about "going to Pittsburgh." Well that route goes much farther than Pittsburgh, but it's still nerveracking. I stayed up, as did the whole nation, to get the news last night from the police chief--everyone except those two, it turns out!!
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I've been following this, since I got up. Looks as though they've got the right ones, this time.
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I sure hope all this ends soon and that these two guys are the ones they are looking for. It all seems to add up and make sense.

My father-in-law and his wife and son and one of my husband's brother's live in the area where the shootings have taken place. One of the first shootings, where the guy got shot mowing the lawn, happened right down the street from where my husband's brother lives. And Mika's (my husband) dad was right across the street at another gas station when the sniper shot a man at a gas station on Friday. Luckily he left just before the sniper shot the guy.

I couldn't imagine living right in that area. I would be scared to even leave my house or do anything.
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It looks like they got the right ones. Kudos to the police and all the law enforcement agencies working together to get these guys. I truly feared that with the lack of physical evidence left at the scenes that this would go on for months. I'm sure glad I was (probably) wrong.

Really interesting from a criminology point of view, they don't match up with the statistical norms at all. First, I would have figured them to be white, and both late twenties - early thirties, based on the spree killers of the past.

My co-worker mentioned that she heard last night that they had strong sympathies to the terrorists? Anyone else heard anything along those lines?
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Sarah, That must have been terrifying for you and your husband! And your inlaws? I would have hibernated, without a doubt.

Heidi, I think that's up in the air. I don't remember a serial killer who did it for money, though. However, they killed for a woman's purse. It's possible he didn't advance in the service as he thought he should, and was holding a grudge. I hope we find the real answer. He did adopt an Islamic name, but many African Americans do.
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I heard a report that said he had sympathy for the 911 hijackers. So far they have not found any connection to any group. I have had FOX news on all day, and they just said a little while ago that there was a hole in the trunk that they may have shot from, and a scope and tripod also in the trunk in a position that would lead them to believe this is the way they did the shootings. I am just so relieved that they caught them without further incident. Of course there are already some nitwits wanting to place blame for not catching them sooner. I heard someone on the newscast say the authorities knew they wanted money and could have prevented 4 of the shootings if they had just given it to them. I think the various police and other departments deserve a big "thank you" instead of a bunch of foolish blame.
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I totally agree with you! For them to catch these guys within a month is pretty good, especially when you think about the serial killers who went on for YEARS with no breaks. What were they supposed to do, give them $10 million? Just where was that supposed to come from? And who's to say any of the killings wouldn't have happened anyway? Psychopaths do not reason like the rest of us, nor do they feel any need to do anything that doesn't further their desires. But of course, just try to tell the liberal media all this.

Since they found the weapon, I'm just waiting for the lawsuits against the maker, and of course the call for tougher gun control. As carefully as this was planned, do you really think that they wouldn't have gotten a hold of a gun somehow, legal or illegal? Hubby's going to have to censor the news from me when they start that, or he'll have to put up with my tirades every night.
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I too congratulate law enforcement for their cooperation and efficiency. Of course, being for stricter gun laws, I have to disagree with my friend Heidi. I stand on the opposite soap box. Oh, Heidi, what restraint we're showing, in this atmosphere of gratitude!
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The rifle they described is a popular hunting rifle. They have not said how he came to have it. He had some sort of restraining order against him that said he was not to own a firearm. It had something to do with a divorce. That is why they were able to have a charge against him so soon. He hasn't been charged in any of the shootings yet. All of this leads me to believe he may have gotten the gun illegally, but they really have not said on any report I have heard. If that were he case, it proves that criminals will be the only ones with guns, if they use this for stricter gun laws. valanhb, you can pull your soapbox right up next to mine!
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I just hope that this is the end of this now. I can't even begin to imagine the terror that the people who lived in those areas lived with, not knowing that if leaving the house would make them another victim.

The senselessness of the sniper's actions discusts me to no end and it's unfortunate that this situation is just one of the many like it that happen around the world all the time.
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