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Monitor Cat

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Here's Seb trying to sleep but I keep bugging him with that flashy thing! Poor guy. This is an old 17" monitor. Not sure what he will do when I finally get a flat one.
Oh, and yes, I see that everything in the pics needs a good cleaning, except the cat As soon as I have a day off from work and school, I'll get right on it

Someday, I'll get an action shot
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AWWW CUTIE! my cats do that too! It's their version of a heater
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Yep, I like it when he comes to cuddle after being up there - all warm and cozy!
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Well when I came home from work I found little foot prints on my laptop good thing it was closed up. Very handsome kitty by the way I love siamese cats.
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awe what a cutie...thats just to cute...luckily my screen is flat and well they dont fit on the tower but stormie, blue, and bella like my labtop better and well bellas spot is the cable box as her version of the heater but such a cutie u have there
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Thank you He isn't comfy with the photo thing. But he puts up with me!
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My vet has a rescue cat that lives in the office who does the same thing with the reception computer. The funniest was when they got a much smaller monitor. The cat still tries to sleep on it, but looks totally uncomfortable. Half is body rests on the ledge above the desk where you pay, etc. Cracks me up on every vet visit.
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and I bet all that clicking & tapping on the keybaord was interrupting his beauty sleep
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