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now Kolohe is sick!

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I really think my kitties are trying to make me even crazier than I usually am!

Now it's Kolohe who is sick. First of all I've noticed poop on the floor in the cat room where three of the litter boxes are about four or five times over the past two weeks. Yesterday I finally caught Kolohe in the act and managed to get a sample. Then this morning when I was doing early morning feeding and litter box cleaning I noticed that he was running from place to place trying to urinate on the floor with almost nothing coming out. AAARGH. So I called the vet as soon as the office opened and left a message. I told the receptionist that I wanted to drop him off but she said the doctor would have to OK that. She later called with the OK from the doctor to drop him off.

The doctor called a little while ago. He was able to palpitate Kolohe's bladder and get a urine sample. His bladder was not unusually enlarged. There was blood in the urine so he's on an antibiotic and fluids. They took a blood sample but did not have the results on that or all the results on the urinalysis. The vet said he'd call me latter with the results. Kolohe has to stay there overnight. My poor baby. I think this is the first time he's had to stay at the vet's overnight.

So, if Kolohe can have some no crystals and no kidney problem vibes we'd both appreciate it.
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Kolohe can have any vibes he needs from me. I know I would go nuts if either of mine had to stay overnight so here's hoping he's back home soon and on the road to recovery.
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Healthy vibes are on their way to Kolohe. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he'll be back to normal in no time at all!

I so know how you feel . . . my cats seem to have contests to see who can get sick next and worry me silly in the process!
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Sending vibes to Kolohe for no crystals and no kidney problems.
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Poor kitty. Sending lots of get well wishes and hoping for nothing serious.
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Oh you poor thing. It's probably just a UTI.. hopefully the meds will clear it right up
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Of course we are sending vibes for your sweet boy. Get well soon little one.
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The vet finally called me this afternoon. My poor Kolohe has crystals, cystitis and a bladder infection. I knew about the bladder infection yesterday. The cystitis is probably caused by the crystals. His liver and kidney blood values are all good so no problems there. Yea! I'll pick him up later in the afternoon after the vet gets the meds and food ready.

So, he'll be on S/D to dissolve the crystals and then transition to C/D. Once he's stable I'd like to reintroduce some wet food to his diet as the ingredients in C/D are not great to say the least. Of course he's been on all wet food for about 6 weeks and still developed crystals so... One reason I decided to put all of them on all wet was to try to avoid crystals. I did ask the vet about urine acidifiers instead of C/D. He is not in favor of them. He said it's difficult to establish a dosage that will acidify the urine but not damage the body in other ways.

He'll also be on an antibiotic. I've never had to pill Kolohe so this will be interesting. I know how to pill a cat as I've been pilling Eric daily since 2001. But Eric is exceptionally cooperative about the whole thing. Kolohe will be a different story. The vet said he was easy to pill. Yeah, easy there where he's afraid. At home with meowmy is different.

Thanks to all for your vibes and good wishes.
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