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Originally posted by Debby

So maybe he will prove himself innocent this time...and they will hire him back on the show!!! *fingers crossed*
Debby, i'm with you on that one, but i do hope if that
happens, he still goes through with the Rehabilitation for
the 6 months, then comes back to the show.

i guess we'll see.
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i thought this episode was beautiful, intelligent, and hilarius!
i love the choir episodes, they just blow me away,
i just sit there in awe of the amazing voices.

i thought the idea of a human pheromone was interesting &
hilarius; was definitely a good story line

and i liked that there wasnt any Ally & Larry stuff this
time, sometimes it just needs to be focused on other cast
members i think.

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ok I must know how far ahead of the UK you guys are. On Monday the epidose broadcast in the Uk was the California Holiday one.
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That one ran about 2 weeks ago. Wow... you are pretty behind. That means if you keep reading this Thread you will know what happends way ahead of time.
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I know, but I have been skipping over most of the important points. Well kinda, I am just too curious. I love the show, its my favourite at the moment.
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Isn't it everybody's favorite? LOL
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tonites the night! it is a new one, right?!
it's on in 3 1/2 hours here.
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Blue..... I missed it!!!!!!!!!
Hubby and I were having a bad arguement, and I missed tonights show!
Could someone tell me what happened?
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Oh my gosh Debby... I actually cried, and laughed :laughing2 and sat in silence. Here is the jist of it...

Larry was going to propose to Ally so he put the ring in her dessert at dinner, but the dessert went to another table and he took it as a sign, that he shouldn't be married. So he called his ex-wife to talk to her about it, and cancelled lunch with Ally. So Ally went to lunch with Jon Cage and they saw Larry with his ex eating ice cream. Ally got jealous and dumped ice cream all over him. He didn't even try to explain. So she broke up with him. Larry talked to Ally and told her that he was a failure at being a father and husband and that he doesn't think that he will not be a failure with her and than he walked out of her office. Ally was really sad and just knew that it was over for sure and told Renae that Larry doesn't say goodbye and if it was over she would get a note from him.
Than at the end, Ally walked into the law firm and Elaine was standing there. She said that Larry had came by and left her a note. Ally looked devastated and started to walk away. Elaine asked if she wanted to read it and she said she already knew what it said. So Elaine opened it and it said... I love you, Goodbye.

It was so sad Next week is the season finale, and Ally goes to the prom with some highschool kid. Not quite sure what that is all about. :confused3
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who's excited?!?!?!

Season Finale tonight... excited & sad

i hate the end of the season, but, then again, it will open up some
more free time, to play Squash!! and get out of the house!
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Thank you Shannon for telling me what happened!!!!!!!!! I appreciate it!!! How Sad!

I am so pschyed for tonights episode...the season finale...and KC and the Sunshine band will be on it!!!!!!!!! They are one of my alltime favorites!!!! I even have the CD of their greatest hits!!! I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby and Blue

What did you think about the finale? I was disappointed. I sometimes feel that Ally's character without a man is pretty depressing they make her so miserable and sad and lonely. It sometimes feels that the message is you can only be happy with a man. Ahh.. I don't know. :confused3

However,Richard with that I am sad, go away sign was kinda funny. he did a good job looking sad.
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I think the finale was not the best! I do think that part of her character is the struggle of relationships!
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I zoned out last night (too many other things on my mind) and I missed Ally. Was it any good. The previews did not look so good. I already miss Larry. I hope they bring him back next season.
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I agree with you guys... the finale left much to be desired.

BUT..... the part with KC and The Sunshine Band at the prom was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love them.....they will be performing in Iowa, only an hour away from me on June 29th, and I want to go SO bad!! But I have noone to go with....hubby hates them, and I won't go alone.
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