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Am I the only stupid one here?

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I am so very lost!!! I tried to buy the colored user title and accidently bought the Italic one.Ryan fixed that for me.............thank you Ryan . But, now I bought the one that I wanted to--to ONLY have it NOT work. What am I doing wrong?
I want my colored user title the same color,but it's not.No matter what skin I use, it's not differnt.
If I hit remove colored user title on the VBplaza options, will that refund my points so I can fix it? Or will I loose all points?
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You will lose your points - what colour are you going for?
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I picked dark red for my username. (It turned out pink though) I put dark red for my title too and it looks black to me.
I just want them to match!!
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Did you enter the colour exactly like this: DarkRed, i.e spelled, spaced and capitalized exactly like that? If even one character is not right you won't get what you are after. Best to PM Ryan, and get him to check it for you. He'll be able to see exactly what was entered, and make the necessary correction.

BTW, if you're stupid, so am I -- when I ordered the font for my username, I knew I had to pay attention to such details, but I still managed to get a typo in it! Ryan fixed it.

ETA: Your username looks right to me (nice), but your title is black still.
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I am pretty sure I did the exact same way of spelling it.
I sent Ryan another PM about it.He fixed it the first time for me.I hope he can fix it this time too.
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It's not the first time someone forgot to put a space between the words. I corrected them both. There's a sticky right in this forum explaining this for anyone else who may read this. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=115385
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Thank you Ryan!!! I am sorry for all the trouble that I caused you.
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It's only trouble if I can't correct it. No problem Tammy.
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