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Greasy Fur

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Ok I am worried

I just stroked Mica and noticed that her fur feels greasy. This never happens. She ALWAYS has soft silky fur (the softest I have felt on any cat ever) and you know how they say any sudden change in a kitty is not good. Its 12.05 am here and I will be calling the vet in the morning, but does anyone know what is going on?

She has access to the outside during the day via a backdoor (please don't turn this into an indoor/outdoor debate -- I am a good Meowmy and where I live its common) for the 5 months but this has never happned before. In fact I stroke her all the time and didn't notice anything when she came in for the last time today (around 4pm). Am I overreacting?

Thanks in advance for any advice concerning the question.
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My recent experience with greasy fur was with Stumpy who has stomititus and just had 1/2 of his teeth pulled. Not that this is what is wrong with Mica, but Stumpy's problem was that he stopped grooming himself because his mouth hurt and got really greasy.

Look for an underlying medical cause that would either cause the greasy fur or would stop her from grooming herself.

Let us know what your vet says!!!!
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Have you taken a good sniff of her fur to make sure she didn't get into anything outside? It's possibly she got into something like grease or oil, or if you have neighbors maybe she poked through someone's trash, or even something in the house (someone leave a dirty dish in the sink?).

If it doesn't smell like grease or food it could be a grooming or health problem as Momofmany suggested.
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I gave her a good sniff last night but she did not smell of anything. Vets open in an hour will call then. Her fur feels less greasy whatever that means.
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If it happened suddenly there is a good chance she got into something. Could even be so simple as she found a little puddle of cooking oil that someone dumped or had in a bag and she rolled in it. Jake has greasy fur but that's fairly typical of red persian males. And I don't notice it all of a sudden and it doesn't go away until I rub him down with "Goop" and then give him a bath.
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Let us know how you make out
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