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just want to introduce myself

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My name is jennifer I found this site while searching the web looking for answers on pregnancy in cats. I found a stray girl brought her in my house, had her for 1 week and noticed she was getting bigger around the middle.
Before finding her I had just lost my lovely baby girl Chesterbelle of 14 yrs. due to a dog that I was babysitting. It has been about 10 months since she past and I'm still having a real hard time dealing.
Then I saw this stray outside my house over at a neighbors. I told my son to go and get her. She looked in real good shape very clean and very sweet. I think someone left her to fend for herself. Well you snooze you loose right!!!
She's mine now. I am more at ease with her around she has made me feel better.
My husband was out at sea when i brought her in about 12 days ago LOL when he got home he asked what that was laying on my pillow...I said my daughters stuffed cat. hahaha...
Anyway he new her for 2 days she was playing alot and then she got really lazy a day later on the 11th. We both looked at each other and said i think she could be pregnant. so i checked her breast and they are very prominent and swelled up her tummy is alittle bloated on the sides like a donkey. so she was supposed to be seen today but vet cancelled and i can't get her in untill fri. here is a pic of Chester

Thank you for reading my very long story
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HI Jenn

I am a newbie here too, but already am addicted to this wonderful site.

Lots and lots of great information here and if you go to the forum with the pregnancy threads, lots of info on kittening.

They even have "pregnant cat buddies" here! How cool it that to find someone experienced with kittening to help you get your girl through her pregnancy? This site amazes me.

Thank you for taking in your new girl.....they seem to find us when they are supposed too. Please post pictures.
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Have a quick Question when putting pics up do i put them in my signiture area or do i use the attachment?
oh 1 more What is the donate area about or how is it used?
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Hi Jenn, and welcome to TCS...I am sorry for your loss of Chesterbelle. Have you given your new baby a name (or did I miss it in your post.) How wonderful of you for taking this mommy to be (maybe) into your home.
Again, Welcome.
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:wavey2: Hi welcome to TCS,this is such a great site and everyone here is so nice and also this site can be helpful and fun too And bless ur heart for taken that girl in Also the donate is if u want to donate points to other members and such! But for pictures I have an photobucket account and I load them that way but u can add them as attachments and for a signature u can have someone make u one and request it here and look for it here !

Well see u on the forums

o and the points are wat u get for all of the posts u make and such and each is different in different sections of the forum like in the fur pics section u only get 1 point for starting a thread and for the cat lounge its 15 for thread and 5 for reply and in cat care, kitten those sections i do believe its 15 to start a thread and 7 per reply...u can actually scrowl down and look in the box at the bottom and it tells u hope that helped u a little bit
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This helped a bunch thank all for your help and for the gift...
Here are pics of


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awe such a cutie i seen some of her pics in the pregnant cats and kitten section, and what a cutie she is

I LOVE that collar and her little charm if u dont mind me asking where did u find that at??
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I bought her charmed charm off ebay 1 day after I took her in.
Let me get the name of the seller and i'll get back to you
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strangewayze is the name of the seller
she has a list and pics of the items for sale
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She is pretty...I too love the charm that she is wearing..
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Originally Posted by tjwharton24 View Post
strangewayze is the name of the seller
she has a list and pics of the items for sale
awe thank u i am searching on ebay now I just dont know what to type for it tho the real name of it or charmed....the name (i cant spell it ) but thanks so much that is just too cute And Azella is just a sweetheart
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Hi & welcome to TCS!
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and a warm welcome to you and your adorable kitty and what a sweetie, she was obviously destined to be yours

Well glad you dropped in to join us and enjoy the forums !!
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Bless your very kind heart! You have adopted a cat who could surely use a loving family to look after her and the babies! I am sorry about the loss of your Chesterbelle - all of us here have gone though the terrible pain of losing a beloved pet. I am glad you found this site - I just joined in November - I know that you will like it here!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Welcome Chester and Jenn

and thank you for rescuing Chester. She's a beautiful little tortie girl and looks very sweet. I hope and pray she's all right, that you can get her fixed as soon as her babies are weaned, and that all of her babies find loving, forever homes.
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