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Handsome Harvey

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It seems like I've taken tons of photos lately that I never get around to posting. So...I've decided to get to it and share some here. We'll take this one cat at a time.

To celebrate his good diagnosis this week, I'll start with Harvey. He's my oldest...16 years old. He's a sweet and shy boy.

He does spend a fair amount of time hiding.

Though dad's lap is his favorite spot to be in.

And he likes they bay window, too.

When he's in the right mood, though, he likes a catnip toy as much as the next cat.

He's very good and patient these days about waiting on the bed for his asthma inhaler.
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Awww! He's so handsome!
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well that is one handsome harvey...hes got a big ole cute face!
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Awww he looks like such a sweetheart. You can see in some of the pictures he's a little nervous and shy, but oh so sweet still.
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Harvey, you sweet looking kitty..I love the first pic..the lighting was just perfect to outline his face.
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Harvey your gorgeous!! Love his face in the 3rd picture though
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Harvey is very handsome!
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aw, love his little white footies!!
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Awww, what a sweet, handsome boy!
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I love older kitties. They look so wise, and in his case, very handsome.
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aww, he's gorgeous
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awe harvey u are such a hnadsome boy, and I am glad all went well too Keep being ur little cute self
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What a little handsome purr-ball. I agree, he has a very wise face.
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Great pictures of Harvey! I don't see Tailer and Forest's threads though!
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What a handsome guy, I love the look on his face
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I just have one new one of Harvey...he's very camera-shy.

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Oh my, such a handsome little man!
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