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Well I went to make my speghetti o's tonite for dinner, and well I had 3 cans and well I went to pull out myslef a can and there was none so I thought that maybe my mom put them somewhere else...nope we searched every cabinent and no luck So theres another thing to add to my list of things my brother is eating, he ate all my t.v. dinners and now my speghetti o's and my dad is gonna mad beccause well this is happening a little too much in this house, all the food is always gone because of my brother, and he does pay but my dad gets him his own order of food just like i have my own order !! And also my brother invites his friend over every weekend and hes here from saterday until mon-tuesday so my dads doing shoppin in the middle of the week because my brothers friend comes over and my brother feeds him all of our food not his, and i had to have soup for dinner because all my other food is gone and I am so hungry I wanna make cinamon rolls and be a pig and not share well ill share with my mom and dad but I need food and I am just so mad because I am one of the pickest people u will ever met and so my dad buys me things I actualy eat and well i go to cook and its gone brothers!!

And my other brother hasnt called us all week which is highly unusual and I am laying a bet thats hes gonna call tomarrow or friday because he needs a babysitter this weekend like always Sorry I needed to vent a little bit..brothers are such pains
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Aww hon...I'm sorry your brother is such a pain! After reading lots of your posts about your brother I'm wonderin' if you keep a journal about all this or do you just write it down here? I think it would make a great book someday. No really...I think it would be awesome!

But I'm still sorry he's being such a pain of a brother...

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When I was younger (not that I am 'old' ), I always thought having a brother would be so cool. Maybe I should be thankful that I ended up with a sister instead.

Sorry that your food got eaten!!
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Brothers are a huge pain, I have 4 of them.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Brothers are a huge pain, I have 4 of them.
I have 2 younger ones!
When I'm home visiting, or when I was living back home, I'd be sure to HIDE the food I wanted to eat, otherwise it would be gone the next day!
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I think this is one of the few posts I will never be able to relate to. You see, I am an only child. I know that when you have siblings there will be arguments, or other things that go on. Reading you past posts I know that you have not always been appreciated when babysitting or thanked. I also know that it aggravating when you are the more responsible one than your brother. I promise that it will get better one day. Please, be glad you have siblings to fall on to when you need family. I have no one else. I only have my parents and it gets very, very, lonely at times.
My best friend has two other siblings. They grew up fighting, not getting along, and now that they are older, they are really close. Seeing me grow up alone has convinced her that when she has children she will at least have two.
That is why I have a cat and always have. They are my best friend and I am able to love someone because they are in my life.
I'm sorry he has eaten all your food. I am verrrrry picky when it comes to food!! I promise you are not the only one! I hope that it will get better soon and think it's awfully sweet of you to share with your parents. PM me if you ever need someone to talk to. I've been around a lot of friends and their siblings...
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thanx everyone...and well I got my cinamon rolls, and I gave my dad one for work because here he bought brownies for desert but once again I dont like chocolate but my brother did leave for a little bit but he seen i was eating them but I ate all of them except for the one thats for my dads lunch! I do hide some food upstairs like all my junk food, and well some food u just cant hide but i am still hungry i need to be less picky but i think i just get pickier each year 2 brothers = to pains both are older, i am the baby and the only girl
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I can seriously relate to this whole food thing...I have an older sister, and not a brother, however. And she used to (well...still does) drive me to the brink on a daily basis. We're total opposites, and, she's...um...pretty much a wack-o, I'm sorry to say.

Anyway, back to the food thing. My husband and step-son can eat anyone under the table. Hubby eats and eats and then he eats a bit more after he eats. And step-son eats and eats, and then takes a quick break, and then eats again. All in all, there's a lot of eatin' going on around here...and that's fine. It's kept me thin. From the way I make it sound, you'd think we were all fluffy fatty-kins. But, none of us are. The men in my life just have enormous appetites.
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I have one brother. We were very close as children, the only two siblings and not quite 3 years apart, then when I was about 19 we had a silly row and he refused to talk to me for 8 years. I love him dearly and went through hell during that time, be grateful they are close to you.
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