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Happy Birthday Chaynal!

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Awww, my little boy is getting so big - he's turning two today!

I fell in love with you the very first day I met you! I had planned to get a little blue-point girl, but you stole my heart with your no-nonsense playing.
The first day we met:

You were such a cute little tiny thing then - even though you and your sister were the biggest kittens your breeder had ever had! They called them "the pudgy puppies"

I had to wait nearly three months to take you home, but I was so happy when I did!

The first day:

And now, nearly two years later, you're still my baby boy.

Happy birthday Chay!!

I'll try and do a new picture or two later.
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Happy Birthday Chay!!
What a cutie pie your little baby is!
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Happy 2nd Birthday Chay
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Happy Birthday, little sweetheart.

He was such a cute kitten. I can't belive all the fluff on the little darling. But he's an equally adorable grown-up now too. He's got such a pretty face in the last picture where he's sleeping.
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There's my boy!

Happy birthday Chay!

I knew he and Ivory were close in age I didn't realise they were only days apart
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Aristotle turned two today, too! Even got some new pics in Fur Pics.

Give Chay lots of skritches from me and Ari!
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Happy Birthday Chaynal!!
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Happy, Happy birthday Chayna!! I hope your day was purrfect!!
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Happy Birthday Chay!!
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Awww! Happy Birthday baby!
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Chay says thanks to everyone who's wished him a happy birthday. He doesn't know it yet, but there's a new feather toy in car for him, for after mom's had her dinner. That boy is craaazy about his feather toys! I'll have new pictures of him up in just a little bit.
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Just a few new ones of my boy being silly. My digital camera is without a charger, so unfortunately I'm short on pictures right now.

I fit Mamma, I promise!

You can't see me!
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AWW Happy Birthday cutie!

What a beautiful boy
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