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My Bunnys

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Hi,im Kim iv posted my cats already and thaught id post my bunnys too!

There names are Benji,Hunny and Vinny.
Benji is a Orange/redMinirex
Vinny is a Black Minirex
hunny is a blue lionhead.

Heres Benji


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They are all so cute!

I love lionheads, they are such a new breed though I can't really find any good info on them.
Like adult size and temperment.
So, how are they?
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If you mean lionheads,There great!,there a bit the same as anyother rabbit,but lionheads sometimes with there great mane they need alot of brushing,i use to have one that had a crazy hair do!
but where as Hunny she lost most of her mane.

there temperments are good also it just depends

All my rabbits are litter trained and very well behaved!
Most people dont realise that rabbits are very clever!
I even take the buns out for walks in the park! lol
My rabbits are act so much like the cats!
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Awww, they are so sweet!! I want a bunny!!
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o my they are soooo cute that first picture is o my but they are all such cuties they make my bunny look fat
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Ooohh I love Benji's colouring! His fur looks like soft luxurious velvet.
I bet you get a lot of attention when you take them for walks!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Ooohh I love Benji's colouring! His fur looks like soft luxurious velvet.
I bet you get a lot of attention when you take them for walks!

I was thinking that. So adorable!
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They are adorable. Give them lovins from me.
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Hi and thank you for all the kind comments !!

Post more piccys of the cats and buns later today!

Kim and the Gang
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Ok some new pictures!

Well im going to do this different,a different day means a different bunny.
Instead of me just posting them all at once ill just do them by days(like il stick by that lol)

Here goes.

These 2 are Benji when he was just a little baby!,you could just see his baby face!

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o my I just Benji's coloring he is such a cutie pie I cant wait to see more pics of ur bunnies...looking forward to it for tomarrow
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Benji looks so cute in his harness!
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Hi Guys!!

I knew Kimmeh from another forum (a bunny forum). I suggested this site when she got her kitties, and Marvin stopped eating, etc.

I have three bunnies now, and my goofball twosome of kitties that you can see in my signature. (I haven't had the time or ability quite yet to add my third bun to the picture, but I will soon.)

Just wanted to let you guys know...bunnies and kitties are VERY compatible, despite your initial instinct in it. Believe it or not, kitties wind up actually more often than not either running from the bunny or just avoiding it altogether. They're a GREAT pair. My two goofs steer clear, but every now and then Hobbes comes up for a sniff and they both love to watch them while the buns are in their cages.

Just be sure to trim the kitty's claws, and put some "hardware cloth" (galvanized wire mesh) around the bunny cage to prevent curious-paw-shoving-into-cage phenomena, and you'll be fine!

If you are considering getting a bunny, let me know...I have MANY GREAT resources to give you in researching to find out if a bunny is right for you.


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