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Here they come

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The Ruby Throated hummingbirds have made their fantastic flight across the Gulf of Mexico, and are trekking northward. Spring is nearly here at last
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Gotta get my feeders up.
I always feel so bad when they aren't up and the young hummers try to feed off the red stripes on our flag.
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That map is a neat idea! I'd love to see some round my apartment, but they don't seem to like it here. I know some people in houses in my city get hummingbirds visiting.
Arlyn - I can't believe they try to feed off the red stripes!!
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Only the young birds , those newly out of the nest.
But it makes me feel so bad, they try so hard

If you have a balcony, try getting some butterfly bushes or hanging some fuscia or lipstick plants to attract them.
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Oooo yeah, time to get those feeders put up then! But not this week...too many storms in our area...

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I saw 2 here today also and put the feeder up with sugar water till I get to feed store.
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Very cool map! I'll have to get my feeders out before long as well!
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Too soon here yet - I'll have to watch the map so I can plot their progress!
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I can't wait!! I am waiting for the blackchinned hummer to show up. I have some nice honeysuckle vines that are blooming and ready for them. They should be here in another week or so. I used to put feeders up, but they don't really use them because they always like the flowers better. I live in the city so I guess feeders are abundant, but flowers aren't. I love hummers. They are my favorite species of bird.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Gotta get my feeders up.
heh i was thinking the same thing. maybe now that i have new camera i can get some good pics of some hummeing birds
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Just remember, you attract more hummers, and likely keep a few pairs close by if you have your feeders out about 2 weeks before they are due to arrive in your area.
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I saw my first Hummer of the year yesterday eyeing a hyacinth! I put my feeder up but I haven't seen him again. Soon they'll be everywhere!
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I have to get some new feeders the old one started leaking really bad last year. But we usually have about a half a dozen hummers here. I need to get a flower box made for my flags too but hadn't had time to do it yet I should have done it while I was on vacation. But I didn't do it. Oh well I guess I know what I am doing Saturday if it doesn't rain. I have messured the flower box out and that is about it. If I put mt flowers in the fence I want have them anymore. Because my dogs seem to think they are better chewed up and ran over.
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I don't think I get raccoons, I get those!
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