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What color eyes does your cat have?

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Wesley has yellow eyes with green around the pupils. I love his eyes!! What color are your cat's eyes?
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Maddens are also gold with green around the pupils, very pretty!
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Spaz has green-gold, almost olive green eyes.
Shadow, Vash and Trouble all have yellow gold eyes.
Cassi has ice blue eyes
Ivory's eye is lavender.
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Cable's are amber/gold, Pixel are green/amber, Chip's are green, & Java's are orange.
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Harley's are VERY gold
Davidson's were gold and starting to turn a really pretty green
Bayley's are gold and green
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Paris has green eyes with gold around the outside sometimes. Oddly enough mostly when she wants something from me.

Cairo has golden eyes that perfectly match her fur. She is beautiful in the sunlight looking one solid bright color.
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Reeses has gold/yellow eyes.
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Flynn has yellow/orangy eyes, Ernesto has yellow eyes, Mimosa has very pale, almost grey blue eyes and dEUS has deep blue eyes (flash made them pale in pic used for siggy).
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Aristotle has dark gold eyes. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=119102

Topaz has very pale blue eyes. I have tried hard to get a pic of hers when her pupil is contracted but haven't been successful.
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Radar - pale green
Sonic - dark green

I love green eyes. Nate has green eyes also I have grey eyes with a hint of blue, and my parrot has pale grey eyes although they should turn bright yellow within the next couple of years as he matures.
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Duke's are gold
Sibohan's are blue green (mood ring color)
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merlins are bright green
salems are a pale gold
aileys are somewhere in between the two lol
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Pru has green/gold eyes
Sam has light blue ones.
Clio has deep, deep blue eyes.

I love looking into all of them.
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Chynna has light blue eyes. A color that is very hard to capture on film.
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Velvets- Green
Isabella-(she's an odd-eyed Turkish Angora) - one blue and one amber- i LOVE her eyes!
Abilene- Green (here eyes are soo pretty!)
Jasmine- Baby Blue
Kojak- Green
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4 of my cats are Siamese so they have the bright blue Siamese color. And my one persian has big copper eyes .
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Seb has big boo-tiful blue eyes.
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lets see...

willie has the yello/gold eye color

Midnight has greenish gold eyes

Bella has some golden-amber color

Stormies are turning into this really pretty green but are sometimes green/yellow

Blue has copper eyes

and Tessa has some very very light powder blue eyes
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Let's see .....

Sphinx (RB) had green eyes
Kuce has yellow with a tinge of green
Luvbug has yellow eyes
Lil' Jag has golden yellow
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Scruffy has green
Cala has green
Willow has green
Veeshan has gold
Kingston has gold with a slight tinge of green
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LuckyGirl has a golden yellow eye color, while Louie's are the prettiest shade of green....not that you can ever get a pic with his eyes open, they are very sensative to light..... it's funny you turn on the light & he blinks 100 times & gives you a look like "geezzz mommm why'd ya turn on the lights????"
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I think all mine have like the golden yellow green eyes hmmm.
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Pepper's eyes are a very nice hazel, they tend to change color (from grey to yellow to green) in different lighting.

Claire has yellow/green eyes and Misty's are my favorite. They are a gorgeous brown. They almost look like coffee with a bit of milk...
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Quill has golden green eyes.
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It's hard to describe Blossom's eye color. It's sort of like dried gum leaves. I've never seen it before.
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Emily has yellow-green eyes and Chessy has blue eyes.
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What can I say? The pictures say it all.
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all 3 of mine have green eyes. i'm a sucker for green-eyed kitties.

nabu - green eyes
raven- green eyes, but 2 different shades. they are very unique
stimpy- green eyes with a hint of blue
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Tavia's eyes are amber/gold.
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Tiger's are a bright sea green and Miagi's are yellowish/gold
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