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Meet The Monsters

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Ok, here are some photos of the crew.....sorry going to be lots of theml.

First is Zoe. She was a neighborhood kitten and I just thought she was so pretty. She was a monster though as a baby. Even as a little one she could jump into the hanging plant baskets. LOL, I used to "lose" her in the house all the time. Finally I learned I just needed to look UP to find her. She will be 12 this summer

Little baby girl

Enjoying the sunshine today

Getting cleaned by Conan

Next there are the feral boys. Conan and Tweety. I had their sister Phoebe too but she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. These baby's were about 4 weeks old and wilder than a march hare when I got them. They were taken from their very feral barn cat momma because the rancher couldn't catch the mom and he didn't want any more cats growing up there. So I got wild orphan babies. They were so little and they would hiss and spit at was pretty cute.

Here are the boys after I had them a souple weeks and they decided that I was ok.

Sweet Baby Conan, the brave baby, but now the fraidy cat adult

His brother Tweety

Conan showing why they are called the "badcats"

Both boys enjoying outside in the cat pen today

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What gorgeous kitties!!! I love them!!!
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Next came the feral girls. Izzy and Lola were similarly taken from a feral barn momma as very young, catchable kittens. However they were taken to a local vet who kept them in a cage in the back and didn't socialize them. I findally took them when they were 4 months old because I couldn't stand seeing them live that way. They were malnourished and very frightened

Izzy a week after being home, She looked like an Alien. Her sister was still hiding at this time.

A little heavier, and brave enough to sneak to the food dish together

Outside in the sunshine....much heavier.....Izzy the cantalope kitty (because she looks like she swallowed a cantalope, she is NOT pregnant)

Her sister, Lola the Supermodel.....although recently she is looking more like Lola the Load

Next came Pumpkin......I really did not want any more kitties. However, someone had dumped him and his brothers at a local festival. His brothers only lived 15 minutes after being found......I got suckered into taking this boy so he maybe would live. He was about 4-5 weeks old, but man he was tiny.....four ounces when I brought him home.

This is after being with me a month....he was Sooooo Cute.

Considering he was such a tiny pooper head, I figured he would be an itty bitty 5 pounder when all grown.....Nope he is 17 lbs and a very big boy
Today, enjoying a roll on the concrete

Last but certainly not least is Stomper Tom. He was left at the same vet that Izzy and Lola were. A byb was no longer going to be breeding so wanted to get rid of all his cats. I found homes for 5 of different breeds and ended up keeping Stomper because I didn't know who else would take him. He is a TICA muchkin, but his legs are too long for standards, even though they are shorter than normal cats. He also grew up in a cage and did not know how to socialize with other cats.....he also sprays (was 2 when neutered).....everywhere. Good thing he is such a cutie.

His new trick to get picked up

Enjoying the sunshine today....even though he had to share it with the others

That is the crew for now. Thanks for letting me share my monsters with you all.
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They are all so beautiful - you are certainly doing something right there - they al look very happy and contented!!!
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Originally Posted by 4BadCats View Post
They are all so beautiful - you are certainly doing something right there - they al look very happy and contented!!!
what a handsome fur-family!
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What a wonderful meowmy you are to take all those babies in. They all look so happy and content being with you.
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Oh good grief what gorgeous big babies they've turned out to be

Had to laugh at the roll of shredded paper though
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all your babies are absolutely gorgeous!!! what a wonderfully fabulous job you've done with all them

and I am dying laughing here about Lola the Load
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Thanks all, I sort of love them just a little,

They are rather large.....I try to say they're not fat just fluffy..... but that doesn't work when you pick them up.

Conan is notorius for shredding toilet paper. It has to be hidden in the drawer or he gets it off the holder and rips it to pieces. He was so proud of himself that day....."look meowmy, I killed it!"
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Your cats are absolutely gorgeous! You've done such a great job with them!

*goes to write Izzy, Lola, and Pumpkin's names on the list of cats to steal*
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They are all absolutely beautiful!!! Can I babysit for you?
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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
This is too cute for me to deal with. He's walking so proudly with that short little tail straight up. I can't imagine how one little kitten could be so sweet.

All your kitties though are adorable. Each and every one of them are just beautiful. I'm jealous!
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I am suffering from an overload of cuteness! They are all just gourgeous.
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