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Cat going BALD

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Max, my 7yr old male, is going bald! He's a beautiful long-haired mixed breed, an out/indoor cat who doesn't hold still for much combing. Lately I've noticed a huge bald spot on each side of his body. I have not seen clumps of fur around the house. Max doesn't scratch himself and the skin looks healthy; no sign of any wound or infection. No fleas. There's also a smaller bald spot (pingpong ball sized) starting to appear on his front chest. I don't observe Max licking the bald spots.

Lately he's wanting outside less often, but his fur is matted much more than normal. Max has been unusually patient and now let's me work on the matting fur. He doesn't mind me touching his bare skin. I'm at home and Max has freedom of going in/out whenever, always inside the house before dark. He's eating as usual, stools look the same...clumped in litter.

What could be causing Max's baldness? Thanks for your help.
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If his personality is changing in addition to the hairloss, I'd get him to a vet right away. It sounds to me like he is not feeling well.
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Hair loss could be due to lots of different conditions. Best to let the vet take a look before it gets worse.

Please lets us know what the vet thinks, and how Max is doing.
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Please take Max to the vet and ask about a senior blood panel ...
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