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The Victim

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Here's some new pics of the lil princess Lily(Ophelia's victim).

First of all, she ripped one of the pom poms off the wand toy. It stuck to her claw.

Then she was bored so she was watching Twitch play down the hall...

Still watching Twitch....

Showing me that I need to clip her nails.

Being the princess she is

OMG! Is that Ophelia? Nope...just Twitch!

Wait...I see the toy!

Look at this tummy!

Kung Fu Kitty!!

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what a jumper!
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Those pictures are fantastic She's got a gorgeous little face on her
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Look at Lily's beautiful tummy.
Great Matrix action shots.
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AWWW what a CUTIE!
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Awesome pics and gorgeous kitty!!
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aw, look at that gorgeous kitty!! love the action shots
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What a cutie! Lily reminds me of an older version of Squee.
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She's so pretty! I, too, love her face.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post

Kung Fu Kitty!!
I love the tummy and the vanishing cat from the photo. The kung-fu shot reminds me of the Matrix thread posted a few days ago. See link:
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Kung Fu kitty. That is hilarious!
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Sweet pictures, very cute cat
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A wonderful sequence!
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She is quite the jumper!!! I love the pics.
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Wow she can really leap for that toy!! She's very adorable
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She is lovely
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Great tummy shots!
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Great pics of Lily
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Thanks for the compiments...Lily's blushing! She doesn't appreciate meowmy posting pics that show off her slightly pudgy tummy...she's finally putting on some meat.
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