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working from home

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Well today is my first week where I am working from home, which is good as I have a chest infection.

It started off well as I had no mad rush getting ready in time before all the rush hour traffic kicked in.

However I discovered a slight problem, Jinxy is so happy that her mummy is staying at home that I haven't got any work done. If I shut her out the room she starts to cry and if I let her in she starts jumping all over me and the keyboard. It doesn't help she is very taken with a new top I brought wich ties up at the front and on the sleeves, she thinks the ties are her new toy It's a good job I have a forgiving and loving nature.

So I have decided that I shall play with the kitties in the day and get my work done when the cats are asleep or when Richard is home.

And to think I thought how much easier life would be not having to go into the office

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Oh I'm soooo jealous!!!! I've wanted to work from home for sooooo long.... can I ask what it is you do??
If only I could spend the day with my furbabies.... and I might actually get some housework done too!!! (but I doubt that.. :laughing: )
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Well my official title is a Loss Adjuster.

The company I work for basically represent various local councils and police forces to deal with claims made against them, i.e tripping on the street, kids being bullied at school, false arrest ect.

Unfortuantly it's not that exciting but I want to progress to investigating fraudulant insurance claims so this job is a step in the right direction.

As for house cleaning I leave that to Richard ( I made sure he was well trained before accepting his proposal!) on the basis he can't cook and I can so I do all the meals

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:laughing: Hmmm trouble is, hubby can cook better than me too!?!!

Your job sounds very interesting!! Much more interesting than answering the phones all day.. Ah well....
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Oh how I envy you!!! I would love to work from home so I could stay home with my baby instead of taking her to a sitter. How did you get so lucky? How did you find a company like this? Did you already work for them and then they let you do it from home? Do you investigate all the claims made against them to see if they are valid, or what exactly? It is very interesting!
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I already worked for them, and i started taking work home with me to catch up with a backlog, realised I got a lot more done at home so they agreed to letting me do it all the time.

The company I work for is actually an American company called Gallagher Bassets international?

As for what it actually involves, you have pretty much got it all summed up Debby The only thing is our client's are the ones to send the report we are just there to turn the claims downs/ negotiate. I would find it a lot more interesting if we were able to investigate more, so I am hoping to get more into that stuff after I have gotton some experience for this company. Who knows in a years time I will be Marie... private investigator *strikes a Charlies Angels pose*
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Woohoo! I want your autograph when you become an "angel" :LOL:

Hey if they need any help, throw it my way!
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I also work largely from home. Only go into the office for meetings etc. I organise corporate functions for the V8 Supercar races. My company sponsors one of the cars. My problem is that my fur baby dances all over the computer when I try to work on it so I just make all my phone calls etc when he is around and when he sleeps, I do the computer stuff. If I lock him out of the office, he turns into something out of "The Shining", leaps up scratching at the door, screaming as if his throat is cut and the whole thing is diabolical! I have always worked from home as long as I've had him. I organised it with my company when my last fur baby went blind and I wanted to spend time at home with him. They thought I was nuts but they agreed! It works really well for me. The other problem I have is that fur baby (Barney) will tear up papers in my brief case if I leave it open and will also leap up onto the desk with muddy paws onto my papers. I often fax things to people with muddy paw prints on it. How embarrassing!
Diann in Australia
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That is so sweet that you wanted to work from home to take care of your blind cat! What a good heart you have!!
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