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How to help my scaredy-cat

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We have had our 2 cats for only 6 days now. They're 2 1/2 year old brothers we got from the SPCA. One is adjusting nicely - the other isn't. They are kept in one "kittie-fied" bedroom and I visit them for hours every day. Simba, the friendly one will play, but Tigger, the quiet (dare I say, sullen) barely responds to me. Tigger allowed me to rub under his chin yesterday, but will sometimes tuck his head away - like "if I can't see her, maybe she can't see me". Is there something else I can do to make him more comfortable? They eventually will have the run of the house during the day; I'd like to put them "to bed" at night.
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You just gotta be patient with them, they have only been there a little while and they just gotta get used to things.
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The very best thing you can do is not force your attention on her. Let her come to you in her own time. You can spend time in the room talking quietly or reading to them even but let her come to you. Sometimes it can take a long time before a kitty is comfortable. It took our Simba 4 full weeks before he would come out from behind the headboard when we were in the room.
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Another thing you can try is plugging in a Feliway diffuser in their kitties room. It might help calm Tigger.
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You've gotten some good advice here. It really does take time and patience. They just have to feel secure. You may also want to get some toys on a string to invite him to play with you. If he sees you playing with the other kitty, he might come out of his shell more.

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