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Sudden behavior change

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Sasha is my former feral Siamese mix. She has been indoors now since around December I think. She wasn't ever really entirely feral, I could pet her and she loves attention but she was always very hesitant to approach me. But she loved my dogs and my other cats. The other cats were the best things in the world to her, she was always playing or snuggling with at least one of them. The past four days or so now she's been acting completely different. She is following us around constantly, in our lap when we sit down, sleeps right on top of us at night, acting like our other kitties do that we raised... she can't get enough attention from us. And she used to duck a little when we reached to pet her and she doesn't even do that anymore. And I'm loving it, I had always hoped she be this way someday. But here's the thing... since she's been acting like this towards me she's been very anti-social with the other cats. She hisses at them if they come within a foot or two of her and she won't play with them or even lay next to them. It's like she transferred all her affection from them to me and my boyfriend. Any idea what's going on? I'm really not complaining about her extra affection but I'm just curious why the sudden change? And why does she suddenly dislike the other cats?
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Take her to the vet - if she's feeling bad, she can't really tell you except for what she's already doing (though she could end up making a mess somewhere!).
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The rule about sudden behavior changes is to check with the vet since it usually means a health problem.
If there is none, I think Sasha has claimed you as her sole property and she looks at her housemates as her underlings. She is now the boss.
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I agree with the above posts - sudden behavior changes are the only way your cat can communicate there's something wrong. Even though it's loving and wonderful - her unwillingness to interact with the others when she used to is the warning bell that it may not just be her new found love of love.

Always better safe than sorry. We almost lost our Tuxie because we waited too long before doing something about his behavior change. He was still eating and drinking normally, so we didn't think there was a real problem. But we were wrong.

Hopefully Yayi's alternate theory is right - but just make sure.

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