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My little Pansy looking angelic.

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He will jump out of his skin if you say boo. Never meet anyone that comes in, couldn't find him for hours after the plumber was here. He was in the basement on top of the heating ducts. I was soo worried. Next time, he gets shut in a room. I had no idea he would freak out like that.
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he's so handsome! m Demeter is the same way, she heads for the hills when someone comes over
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I know what you mean. It scares the bageezus out of me whenever they disappear for too long. I usually find them napping in a really good hiding place :P But sometimes I never find them and I have to crinkle bags or call them with food to get them to come out...stinkers...and I only live in a 2 bedroom apartment.
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One of my cats got into the bathroom closet, went through a hole in the wall and was under the tub. I was a wreck thinking she had got out when delivery men left the door open. She was definitely a scaredy cat too.
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LOL I like the name! Well I guess "Pansy" suits him well
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I like the idea of naming the newborn in the Jewish tradition or naming after someone deceased that you love. My fathers name was Paul, so I was thinking patches, panda, because of the eye patch, but he was such a scardy cat from day one( 8 weeks 0ld) Pansy just seemed fitting. Pa, for Paul, thus Pansy, well, we know why.
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Hiding from strangers is just a smart thing to do. He's very handsome. Looks like a big boy!
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Awww poor Pansy must really hate it when strangers come along. Am glad he's safe in the house though. He's a handsome little man
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Awww! Poor Pansy! Beautiful eyes.
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Just shows, you don't have to be brave to be beautiful
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He's adorable Bless his Sophia is the same way, you have to be so quiet around her and not move fast
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