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Vibes for my dad's surgery

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My dad will be having minor surgery in about 30 minutes. The docs said it should take about 30-60 minutes. It is outpatient surgery. Mom said they should be hope around noontime today.
If you could spare some vibes for an uneventful surgery that would be great.
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Sending some vibes.....I hope all goes well with your dad's surgery
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Sending vibes that his surgery is completely ok and uneventful, and that his recovery is swift
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sending good vibes hope all is well with your dads surgery and hope he has a good recovery!
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Lots of ((((((mega lucky vibes))))))) for you dad
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Lots of ((((((mega lucky vibes))))))) for you dad
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sending out "get well soon" vibes for your dad Gail!
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Good Luck to your dad, sending tons of {{{{{get well soon vibes}}}}}.
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Hopefully everything will go smooth and without incident, and that your dad has a quick recovery afterwards.
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It's probably done by now. I hope it all went well
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Mom called from home about 11:30. Everything went well. He might be a bit groggy today. I told her to make sure he gets his pain meds whether he need them or not.
We might go and visit this weekend to see if he has recovered. (I might have to bake for him!!)
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glad everything went a-ok!!
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Glad everything went well, are you going to make him his favorite cookies?
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Awww that's great news!!
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Great news, hope he heals up nice and quick
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Sorry I'm responding so late in the game, but I'm glad all went well!
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I didn't see this earlier either, but I am glad that things went good.
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Ahhhh...your Dad is lucky that you care so much.
Lots of quick healing vibes are on the way.
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