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More aggressive after being neutered?

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I have two adult male cats (among a plethora of other females/kittens). One was neutered over a year ago (Bubba), the other was neutered about two weeks ago(Pounce - see above:kittens)

Bubba and Pounce never have really gotten along - they kinda just coexisted, maybe batted at each other (without claws) if one got too close. They've been living together for over six months without any major problems.

Since Pounce got neutered, he's been more aggressive/territorial. I see him sitting maybe two feet away from Bubba, whose becomes unhappy with the situation, and starts yowling (think a boy with his finger an inch away from his sister's face going "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!")

Well, things kinda came to a head this morning - I was sleeping on the couch, when I heard an all out cat fight - fur flying and all. I grabbed the spray bottle, and pretty much emptied the damned thing to no avail. I got up, grabbed pillows and tried to herd them away from each other. I finally had to trap Pounce in the corner with the pillows, pick him up, and he fought me (didn't scratch or bite me, just squirmed) trying to get out of my arms and at Bubba. He never does this.

I have the two of them seperated now, and they'll remain that way all day as I have to go to work. My question is: is this going to resolve itself in a few weeks once Pounce gets over his surgery? Or is Pounce going to become my 'bedroom kitty'?

The only thing that has changed lately is that one of my females had kittens about a week and a half ago, but they're completely sequestered, and do not come out yet (mom goes out for about 10 minutes at a time occasionally, but immediately comes back in the room with little interaction with the other cats, when I'm at home). I'm careful to pay even more attention to my other cats now that the kittens are here.

I'm going to pick up some Feliway from the suggestions I've seen in this forum (hopefully the local petsmart/etc carries it), does anyone have any oher suggestions?

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*bump for suggestions!*

I plugged in the feliway diffuser tonight, and doped up the cats on catnip so they'd leave each other alone. How long does the Feliway usually take to kick in, and how large of an area does it cover (I have a pretty open floor plan, but should I have two as it's a larger area?). I put it next to the cat tree, as that's where they all spend most of their time.

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I'm sure someone else can give you more specific advice (ie: those who actually HAVE male cats. ), but I'll take a stab at it.

How old is Pounce? I doubt that it was the neutering that made him more territorial, but it might just be that he's maturing and trying to establish a place for himself in the cat heirarchy.
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Well.. I have boys but no fighting problems.
If kitties are neutered after they've matured some habits, like fighting, may stay. If they're pushed to it they're less likely to back down anyways. I guess I'd put their behavior the same as a territorial female would behave?

It could be that they smell the mother and kittens, I'm not sure that she'd be back into heat yet but it's something you should consider and prepare for. Just because the boys are neutered doesn't mean their noses stopped working. Maybe they smell and hear the kittens and that's bothering them somehow too? Confusion is upsetting the balance and they don't know who to strike out at?

If anyone else knows... would reintroduction and a second cat tree, more litter boxes, even being feed in different areas help the cats feel less like they're being pushed together?
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It takes about a month for their hormones to settle so it could just be that he's maturing before he'll settle down.

Or he can smell/sense the kittens and is taking it out on the only cat available to him.

Be careful letting the momma cat around him, he can still impregnate her until his hormones settle and she doesn't need to be in heat to get pregnant again.
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