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Vibes for Penelope

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Penelope is having a rough go of it this week.
She has a cut on her tail so we were at the vets Monday about that. It's a cat scratch but is causing some sensitivity.

Now her ears are on fire - and I know that is a sign she has a fever. She's been lying around much more than usual, right next to me in fact everywhere I go. She's lying here with me now but I have to leave for work soon.

Eating/litter are all fine but there are some ear mites I discovered in her ear (posted a thread in Care/Grooming about that). I'm worried because we are going on vacation in a few days and I don't want to leave her if she is sick. She is clearly not herself.

Please send my baby some vibes if you have any extras.
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Aw Penelope..

Here's some feel better soon vibes. }}}}}}}}}}}}{{{{{{{{{{{

and a for you!
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{{{{vibes}}}} for Penelope.
I hope she gets better before you go on holiday.
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Awww. I hope Penelope feels better soon. Maybe she just wants TLC from mom.
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Lots of {{{{{vibes}}}}} for Penelope!
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awww poor sweetie, how did she manage to cut her tail

Here whizzing lots of positive healthy (=(=(=(=( vibes )=)=)=)=) for Sweet Penelope

Keep us posted and give her some tummy rubs from us
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Awww, poor Penelope I am sending many vibes for her.I hope she feels better soon.{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}
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Awe Penelope I hope u feel better soon

I am sending many good vibes and get well vibes ur way
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{{{vibes}}} for Penelope! Get well soon darling!
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Sending many, many vibes
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Thank you everyone for thinking of her.
The little darling is still lethargic, but ears are cool (phew!). She just seems out of sorts, moping a bit.
Part of me wonders if she is sensing me leaving for vacation?
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Penelope, I hope she is feeling better today.

Keep us updated on how she is doing.
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i hope Penelope feels better soon
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just checking things today, I do think you are right about cats sensing when we go on holiday ...........still sending vibes for her
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