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This cat is horrible!!

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I'm so sorry, but I need to vent!! My boyfriend's cat has gotten on my last nerve! She is now defecating under my computer desk!! She's done it twice now today! I really feel disrespected! This cat does what she wants when she wants to (I understand they all do). I've totally restarted the whole entire introduction thing with my cats and her... I've shut them in the room so they can't see out. I haven't been letting them out at all. I've been giving her more attention than my own cats.. feeding her treats, giving her breakfast, petting her tons, giving her catnip. And that's what I get.. poo under my desk! ARGH! I feel as though I have to somehow show this cat my place in the house. I've never been one to think that cats are vengeful but this is getting ridiculous!
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Cheer up ...maybe she has litter box issues. My mikey gets that way sometimes.
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i hope you're right. she's going to the vet as soon as i can get the cash together. i know she's going to cost a bit. i think its been years since she's been to the vet.
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How many litterboxes do you have? You may need to add more. Also, the consistency of the poop may clue you in as to whether there is a physical problem, such as constipaation or a hairball.
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There's one litterbox out in the house where she is. I haven't moved the others out of the other room because I haven't let my cats out of that room yet. This cat is super old and I've never had a cat this old. I don't know what to look for. My cats have always been healthy (knock on wood). I definitely plan on bringing a urine and stool sample with us to the vet. what should i look for? (I was mad when i saw the poo.. i didn't get a good look at it.. my boyfriend picked it up.)
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I would tell the vet about any changes in behavior as well as changes in appetite, thirst, and litterbox use (both for peeing and pooping). Also, you may want to consider a litterbox with lower sides. Arthritis is fairly common in older cats, and she may be having a hard time getting into or out of the litterbox. A second litterbox is also a good idea in general, as some cats do not like to poop and pee in the same place.
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Older cats can get 'senile' and just sort of forget about using a box, but having at least one per cat is really important anyway. If she likes to go under the desk, put a box there for her - it's easier than cleaning it up otherwise and she may feel more secure (clingy) around you than the 'kids' who may give her a hard time.
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Is she a longer haired kitty? Could the poo have been stuck to her fur and fallen off? I once caught my cat trying to "cover" a piece of poop under my kitchen table. Since it was a single piece and small -- I determined it was a cling-on. It has never happened again since then.
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Others have already given you some great advice.
I'm just going to add for you to remain calm over this, as hard as that may be
She will pick up on your stress and act on it as well.
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She may also have stress induced fecal incontinence. Try getting a Feliway diffuser and see if that helps. Also, make sure you're cleaning the area up with an enzymatic cleaner or she'll be back. I second the idea of putting a litter box there.

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How long did your BF have the cat befor eyou moved in together? If she was around befor you, was she ever around past GF's of his?

The reason I ask is I fully believe cats can be engeful. When my DH and I first moved in together, I moved in to his place. He had a cat that was 7 years old at the time. He never lived with a girl or became really serious untill me. It was basicly always him and his cat. She hated me at first and it all came to a head one night. I was coming down the stairs in complete darkness, She was at the bottom of the stairs growling and going full boar attacking me. She would not let me come back downstairs. It was a full battle. I ran up the stairs and yelled down to my DH to come and get his cat. He got up and got her. He needed to show her that no matter what I was staying weather she liked it or not. He had a little talk with her and told her that he still loved her and she was still number 1 but she had to get use to me. It worked. After that she realized I was important to him but not taking her place. She and I became great friends and I still mourn for her 3 years later.

But boy she did not want to share her dad with any woman, human or cat.

Your cat may just be suffering from jealousy. It sounds weird but its true. She could be triing to show you who really is the woman of the house. Give her time, she will come around but also make sure you BF still spend lots of daddy and kitty time with her. Just the two of them.
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